Facilities Use Procedure


Responsible Administrative Unit: Student Life, Administration & Operations Divisions

Policy Contact: AVP of Student Life & AVP of Operations (rflintof@mines.edu and gbowersock@mines.edu)

This policy is linked from the Safety, Facilities, Parking, and Property and Student sections of the policy library.


The Board of Trustees of the Colorado School of Mines (“Mines”) adopted the Campus Free Speech Policy (“the Policy”) that describes the process for Mines students, faculty, staff and other members of the Mines community, and members of the public to access Mines property and facilities for Public Speech Activity.. The primary use of Mines’ property and facilities is for activities that are directly related to Mines’ educational mission and purpose, including teaching, research, preparation of scholarly material, student activities, as well as campus support operations. These procedures provides details and processes necessary to implement the activities described in the Policy, and other property and facility use on campus in furtherance of the educational mission of Mines. Definitions of relevant terms related to or used in this procedure are found in Appendix A of this document.


When events involving Public Speech Activity as defined in the Campus Free Speech Policy, are required to be registered in advance, the following registration form will be completed and provided to the Associate Vice President for Student Life in order to coordinate the request.

This requirement is to prevent disruption of normal educational activities, manage competing requests for the same venue, preserve the health and safety of persons, and prevent damage to property. In the event access to campus facilities other than the Student Center or areas managed by Student Life is requested, the Associate Vice President of Student Life (“AVP Student Life”), or designee, will consult and coordinate with the principal academic or administrative official who manages the facility or campus site to be utilized.

If a request to engage in Public Speech Activity on the Mines campus is denied, the requesting party will be notified in writing by the AVP Student Life and will be informed of the reasons for such denial.


3.1 Advertising. Distribution of information that is predominantly commercial in nature is not permitted on campus, except by members of the Mines Community and in compliance with the terms of this policy. Such information may be posted by students and student organizations only in a manner and in locations approved by the Student Activities, Involvement, and Leadership (SAIL) Office, unless otherwise provided in this policy. Current approved locations for posting can be found on the SAIL website (https://www.mines.edu/student-activities/) or from the SAIL office.

3.2 Size & Posting. With the exception of postings in residence halls or other campus student housing and internal postings by Mines academic or administrative departments, divisions or units, all posters to be posted on campus must be no larger than 8 1⁄2″ X 11″ and must be approved in advance of posting by the Student Activities Involvement, and Leadership (SAIL) Office, Ben H. Parker Student Center, 1200 16th Street. The material must have an official Student Activities “Approved for Posting” stamp prior to being posted and may only be displayed on designated posting areas.

3.3 Non-Sponsored Events/Activities. Posters advertising events or activities that are not sponsored by Mines or any of its academic or administrative departments, divisions or units (i.e. events sponsored by students or student organizations) must display the following disclaimer: “The Colorado School of Mines does not necessarily endorse or support the event advertised or information contained in this poster.”

3.4 Procedures. The following procedures are required to post, including:

3.4.1 Residence Halls. All material to be posted in common areas in residence halls or other campus student housing must have the advance authorization of the Director of Residence Life & Housing, or designee, in the Campus Living Office, Elm Hall, 1795 Elm Street, and will be posted by staff members in approved locations.

3.4.2 Internal postings. Internal postings by academic or administrative offices or staff members in campus facilities must comply with any relevant rules and requirements established by the principal academic or administrative officer or official responsible for the pertinent facilities.

3.4.3 Identification Required. All posted materials must clearly identify the sponsoring organization, entity, or group.

3.4.4 Exceptions. Obscenity and libelous material will not be approved for campus posting. Commercial signs or postings are not allowed, except as provided for in an agreement, contract, or lease with Mines.

3.4.5 Time frame. With the exception of internal postings by Mines academic or administrative departments, divisions or units, no materials may be posted on campus more than two weeks, unless the SAIL Office expressly permits an extension of this posting period.

3.4.6 Removal. Facilities Management or appropriate building manager may erase or remove, without notice, any messages or postings, including unattended literature, that do not comply with the Mines’ policies and procedures, have appropriate approvals, or comply with the requirements of the procedures.

3.4.7 On-campus postings that reference alcohol must include the statement, “Consumption or possession of alcohol is illegal and prohibited by Mines policy for individuals under the age of 21. Student events that involve alcohol must comply with the Student Alcohol Policy & Procedures.”


Content of digital audio and visual announcements in Mines’ facilities are monitored and approved by the designated content approvers within each facility and/or department.


5.1 Paint. The use of paint, spray paint and/or spray chalk is not permitted.

5.2 Chalking. Chalking may only be used to promote Mines programs or student activities; and may not be used for Commercial purposes, including advertising or other commercial promotion.

5.2.1. Chalked advertisements are limited to concrete or asphalt, horizontal surfaces outside, and must be a minimum of 10 feet from any building entrances.

5.2.2 Chalking must use stick-chalk that quickly fades away with the natural elements within a few days. A maximum of 15 advertisements may be displayed in an area of 4′ X 6′ or smaller.

5.2.3 Chalking is prohibited on building exteriors including walls, doors, windows, facades, roofs, retaining walls, exterior vertical surfaces, benches, surfaces intended for seating, and horizontal surfaces under overhangs or roofs; Inside buildings; on patios, plazas or terraces; or within ten (10) feet of any building entrance or doorway.

5.2.4 Existing messages. Any existing chalked messages that otherwise comply with this policy may not be erased, overwritten, altered, defaced or otherwise removed except by Mines’ personnel.

5.2.5 Approval. Location and design of chalking must be approved in person at the SAIL office during business hours. Specific rules and current approved locations for chalking are available from the SAIL office.

5.3 Lawn Signs.

5.3.1 Lawn sign placement is approved only with Facilities Management pre-approval for size and location as provided by this procedure.

5.3.2 Lawn Signs may be placed only by a Mines College, department or unit for the purpose of promoting a Mines’ program or a Mines’ registered student group, or organization that has entered into an appropriate Facilities Use Agreement.

5.3.3 Lawn Signs may only be placed on preapproved lawn areas.

5.3.4 The maximum Lawn Sign dimensions are: 18 ” X 24″. Lawn signs must be constructed using metal “H” style frame. No more than 25 Lawn Signs are allotted to any Organizer at any given time.

5.3.5 Exclusions. This section does not apply to the Lawn Signs placed by the Department of Facilities Management in connection with its operations or the Department of Public Safety.

5.4 Denial. Failure to meet these requirements, or those imposed by the SAIL Office as a condition of approval, will result in immediate removal of the posted material and may subject the sponsoring organization or group to disciplinary action and, if appropriate, sanctions under the Student Code of Conduct. Additionally, the cost of removal or any damage sustained due to inappropriate posting may be charged to the organization or individual.


6.1 Approval. Approval for solicitation, vending, or sales on the Mines’ campus may be granted in the following circumstances:

6.1.1 The sale of literature may be approved pursuant to the terms and conditions outlined in this procedure.

6.1.2 Invitees. Representatives of the business community who have been invited or approved by the Office of Human Resources for the purpose of promoting an employee benefits plan or employee services may do so on campus in a manner and location, and at a time specified by the Office of Human Resources.

6.1.3 Charitable Solicitations may be made on behalf of the Colorado Combined Campaign or any other programs or entities authorized by the Colorado Department of Personnel and Administration, Division of Human Resources, or other state governmental agency as required by rule or law.

6.1.4 Solicitations may be made on behalf of Mines and/or its affiliated foundation and associations.

6.1.5 Services contracted by Mines for specific services such as food service, beverage/snack vending machines, bookstore sales, telephone services, etc., may conduct solicitation, sales, and vending activities as approved by the appropriate Mines office and Purchasing Director.

6.1.6 Limited solicitation, vending and sales are allowed in the Ben H. Parker Student Center and athletic facilities with appropriate approval by the AVP Student Life, or designee. Organizations granted such approval must adhere to the conditions and requirements specified by the AVP Student Life.

6.1.7 Limited solicitation for charitable organizations may be made by recognized student organizations according to the requirements of this policy. Student organizations partnering with a third party to solicit charitable donations must have a representative from the outside organization present throughout the collection process.

6.1.8 Any entity that is approved for sales on the Mines’ campus is solely responsible to collect and remit all applicable sales tax. Advertising of sales prices should indicate whether or not sales tax is included in the price.

6.2 Prohibited Activities. The following solicitation, sales, and/or vending activities are prohibited on campus:

6.2.1 Any activity that competes with an existing campus business (such as the bookstore) or businesses with which Mines has entered into an exclusive contract (such as food service, bookstore, beverage/snack vending services); and

6.2.2 The solicitation, sale or vending of credit cards, illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia, cigarettes or other tobacco products, and any item, product or service prohibited by state or federal law, including the sale or provision of alcohol to anyone under the age of 21.


7.1 Advance Approval Required. Except for facility use in conjunction with a Public Speech Activity described in section 2.0, any organization or individual wishing to utilize Mines’ indoor facilities or grounds, office and/or scientific equipment, office, laboratory, or parking space or lots, must obtain the approval as set forth below.

7.1.1 Organizations or individuals applying to use any Mines’ facilities except the Student Center, Green Center, or special use facilities (such as athletic facilities, or dining and housing facilities), shall apply to the Associate Vice President for Operations (AVP Operations), or designee for approval. The AVP Operations will consult with the principal academic or administrative officer or official responsible for the pertinent facilities prior to granting such approval.

7.1.2 Organizations or individuals wishing to utilize space or resources in the Student Center, Green Center, or special use facilities (such as athletic, dining and housing facilities), must obtain the advance approval of the principal academic or administrative officer or director responsible for the pertinent facilities.

7.2 Facilities Use Agreement. Any outside parties requesting the use of, or access to, any Mines’ facilities for activities not sponsored by Mines will be required to enter into the appropriate Facilities Use Agreement or appropriate facility rental agreement with Mines as supplied by the AVP of Operations. Such agreement shall be in writing and will specify the terms and conditions under which the requested campus resources may be utilized. All use of campus facilities is subject to applicable federal and state laws and Mines’ policies and procedures. See also Mines; Policy Library.

7.2.1 Usage Fees. As part of the Facilities Use Agreement, fees will be assessed for the use of any Mines’ facilities by non-Mines’ groups in order to cover the expenses incurred by Mines in the use of such Facilities.

7.2.2 Liability insurance, specifying Mines as an “additional named insured” may be required by the agreement as well.

7.2.3 Security requirements, including security staffing, may be identified in the Facilities Use Agreement as a requirement. Mines may be able to assist with coordinating these following a request. Fees for event security will be borne by the outside organization. See the Policy Library, Policy on Alcohol on Campus.


8.1 Request. All rental cost and setup of temporary fencing is the responsibility of the requestor and needs to be submitted to Facilities Management via facilities work order (https://www.mines.edu/operations/submit-a-work-order/) at least five (5) days before the approved date of the event.

8.2 Temporary. All Event Fencing utilized on campus must be temporary and free standing; driving stakes or posts into the ground for fencing is prohibited

8.3 Timing. Event Fencing shall not be installed more than 24 hours prior to the start of the Event; such fencing must be removed within 24 hours of the Event completion.

8.4 Responsibility. Renting department, unit, or organization will be responsible for all damages incurred to Mines Grounds, Facilities, or Mines’ equipment.

8.5 Event Fencing. Event fencing may be required in certain circumstances by Mines.

8.6 Portable Toilets and Stages. Requests for portable toilets or stages shall be submitted to the Events Coordinator must be received at least five (5) days prior to the start of the Event, and must be approved by the Facilities Management department. The locations will be designated for these items by Facilities Management. The Event planner is responsible for ordering and paying for all such equipment.

8.7 Event Tents. All Event Tents must be pre-approved and are only allowed in approved locations, request are to be submitted to the Events Coordinator and must be approved by Facilities Management and the Golden Fire Department if the tent, structure or aggregate of structures exceeds 700 square feet.

8.8 Event Tent Requests. The Event Tents must be approved by Facilities Management using the facilities work order system and all requests must be received ten (10) business days prior to the start of the Event, for the work order to allow time for marking of any underground utilities.

8.9 Tents and canopies must be secured as required by the manufacturer to withstand winds in excess of 130 miles per hour. The use of water for securing is not allowed. Golden Fire Department permit required for tents or structures that exceed 700 square feet.

8.10 Food Trailers, Carts, or Trucks must be requested using the Facilities Use Agreement Form, at least five (5) business days prior to the start of the Event.

8.10.1 Requests. Submit the request to the Director, Business Administration for Operations for approval/denial of a Food Truck.

8.10.2 Vendors. All Vendors must be licensed in the State of Colorado and comply with all codes set by State of Colorado, including any local ordinances. All Vendors must comply with minimum liability insurance as stated in the Facilities Use Agreement.

8.10.3 Parking of trailers on campus is restricted under the Vehicle Operation and Parking Policy unless specific approval from Facilities Management is obtained.

8.11 Fire Pits, Grills and Other Fires Containers.

8.11.1 Open Fires are strictly regulated by Mines for the safety of the campus community.

8.11.2 Any bans by State or local government on fires will be strictly enforced.

8.11.3 No approved open fires (including pits or grills) may be left unattended at any time.

8.11.4 Requests for any type of fire pit must be submitted to Facilities Management and the Golden Fire Department at least five (5) business days prior to the start date of the Event.

8.11.5 All fire pits must have four walls and a lid, and there must be a fire extinguisher on hand at all times.

8.11.6 All grills/BBQ grills or smokers must be gas fueled only; neither charcoal nor wood burning grills (or similar apparatus) are permitted on campus at any time, with the exception of the Mines-owned charcoal grills in the Mines Park area. Grills shall not be used on porches, decks, balconies, or stairwells and must be a minimum of 10 feet away from any structure, combustibles, or sources of fuel.


9.1 Tree protection. Mines requires that all trees and grounds be cared for to ensure the protection of the trees, the ground below, and the usage by the Mines’ community.

9.2 Scheduled Event. All activities must comply with this policy regardless of whether it takes place during an Event. Activities that do not involve a competition, fundraising, or more than five (5) people need not be scheduled as an Event but must still comply with this section. Activities utilizing trees are permitted between the hours of sunrise and sunset only.

9.3 Participation in all activities involving Lines are limited to Mines Faculty, Staff and Students. Participants and spectators assume any and all risk associated with all activities.

9.4 Lines may be affixed to trees on a temporary basis while in use by a responsible person and must be removed when not in use. The equipment owner is responsible for setting up and taking-down the equipment by sunset each day, and may not leave equipment unattended. Any unattended equipment may be removed without notice.

9.5 Tree protection guidelines. Lines may only be affixed to trees greater than one (1) foot in diameter that serve as anchor post. All Lines (including hammocks or slacklines) attached, affixed, or anchored to trees on campus shall have a barrier between the tree and the Line. The recommendation is for the campus member to utilize tree trunk protection composed of a minimum six (6) inch wide felt strips with Velcro fastening system to separate the Lines from the tree trunk and protect the tree from damage. Trees and/or landscaped areas showing damage from activities may be restricted from future activities at the discretion of the Director of Facilities Management. Memorial trees or other trees posted by sign may not be used as anchors for this activity.

9.6 Participants may not be under the influence of drugs or alcoholic beverages when using the Lines;

9.7 Lines may not cross over sidewalks, driveways, or parking lots;

9.8 Lines may not be set up within a Special Event Area;

9.9 Lines may only be attached to approved campus trees as noted above, and may not be affixed to any other campus fixture including, but not limited to, buildings, bike racks, handrails, art objects, fences, or light poles;

9.10 At the direction of University officials for any reason the activity must be curtailed and all equipment removed immediately. This includes where University Officials may direct that equipment that appears to be unsafe or improperly set up be removed; or due to weather or general safety of the campus community.


The following Activities on Mines Facilities and Outdoor Spaces are prohibited:

10.1 Golfing. Golfing means striking any kind of ball or other object with a golf club.

10.2 Climbing or rappelling on the exterior of any Facility or on any crane or other construction equipment, including, but not limited to, activities commonly referred to as “bouldering”.

10.3 Unreasonable Risk. Any use that presents an unreasonable risk of injury or damage to person or property.


Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drones), including amateur rockets are permitted pursuant to the terms of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Policy


12.1 Allowable Vehicles. Bicycles, unicycles, skateboards, scooters, roller skates (in-line or standard) are allowed to be operated on campus pursuant to the Policy on Non-Motorized Vehicles on Campus. Parking of these non-motorized vehicles is controlled by the Vehicle Operation and Parking Policy, and does not allow for the attachment to trees, posts, or other fixtures beyond those designated for parking or storage.

12.2 Restrictions. Certain vehicles may be restricted or banned due to safety concerns. Please consult the policy and contact the Department of Facilities Management for more information.

12.3 “Hoverboards” are restricted from storage or use in Mines Facilities.


Animals on campus are governed by the Animals on Campus policy.


For the purposes of this policy and procedures, the following definitions shall apply:

  • Canopies: a covering put above something to provide shelter or for decoration, especially a fabric covering that can be removed or folded away. Canopies are a form of Event Tent.
  • Disruptive Activities: Any facility use on the Mines campus may not involve disruptive activities including, but not limited to:
    • Communicating in a manner that is defamatory, incites violence or unlawful action, or consists of fighting words or threats of physical harm;
    • Impeding the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic on campus;
    • Disrupting or interfering with educational functions, scheduled activities, or other campus support operations;
    • Engaging in Public Speech Activity in areas immediately adjacent to campus residential areas, including residence halls, campus apartment complexes, Greek houses, and other student housing facilities;
    • Creating health or safety hazards;
    • Damaging any Mines property or facilities or property owned by a member of the Mines Community or a third party;
    • Violating federal or state law, local ordinances, or Mines policies or procedures; or
    • Impeding the flow of foot-traffic across campus or impeding access to any campus facility.
  • Event Tents: a collapsible movable shelter consisting of a tough fabric or plastic cover held up by poles and kept in place by ropes and pegs.
  • Facility: a building or space within a building. Facility does not include any attached terrace, patio, courtyard or plaza.
  • Lines: any web line, rope, or cable used in an activity for the purpose of hanging or suspending equipment or personnel from trees.
  • Literature: any written matter, photos and/or artwork that is not predominantly commercial in nature.
  • Outdoor Space: all outdoor School of Mines property that is not attached to a Facility.
  • Public Speech Activity: is defined as all non-commercial, verbal or written communication means by which individuals communicate or express ideas, including artistic performances, demonstrations, public displays, picketing, distribution of leaflets or other publications, sit-ins, marches, mass gatherings, gathering of petition signatures, voter registration activities, and all other similar activities that are not part of the teaching, research, or other official functions of Mines, or not otherwise sponsored by Mines or any of its academic or administrative departments, divisions or units. Public Speech Activity conducted by students or student organizations is governed by this policy.
  • Sale: defined as any transaction that involves the exchange of money for an item.
  • Solicitation: marketing, sales or business offer.
  • Special Event Areas: an Outdoor Space designated by the University in connection with specific events on campus. Special Event Areas include, but are not necessarily limited to:
    • Alderson Hall lawn
    • Berthoud Hall lawn
    • Clear Creek Athletics Complex
    • Coolbaugh Hall lawn
    • Guggenheim Lawn
    • Hill Hall lawn
    • Intramural Fields (north & south)
    • Jalili Plaza
    • Kafadar Commons
    • Maple Plaza
    • Marquez Hall south plaza
    • Mines Park community center lawns
    • Mines parking Lots
    • Stratton Commons.
  • Vending: any transaction that involves campus facilities, equipment, space or furnishings and
    exchange of money for an item.

Promulgated by the Mines Board of Trustees on March 31, 2006.
Amended by the Mines Board of Trustees on April 28, 2006.
Removed from the Faculty Handbook, March 29, 2012.
Policy amended to separate it into Facilities Use Procedures and Campus Free Speech Policy by Board January 2018.