Personnel File: Official Custodian and Access Policy


Responsible Administrative Unit: Human Resources

Policy Contact: Director of Human Resources, Christine Homer (Chomer@mines.edu)


In accordance with C.R.S. 24-72-101, et seq., the Colorado School of Mines has designated the following official custodians: Director of Human Resources is the custodian of personnel records; the Benefits Specialist is the custodian of benefits, medical, and FMLA records; and the Payroll Manager is the custodian of payroll records. The address for contacting these individuals is: Colorado School of Mines, 1500 Illinois Street, Golden, Colorado 80401.

The maintenance of timely and accurate records regarding employees is important not only to CSM, but also to the persons to whom the records pertain. Personnel files may contain both public records and personnel records. The public portions of the personnel file are accessible by anyone through the Public Records policy.

2.0 Human Resources Office Policy

In order to respond promptly to requests for access to personnel files, the following will be observed.

  • Individuals will be given access to their complete personnel files except for the content of letters of recommendation.
  • Supervisors will be given access to all job-related portions of the personnel file, but will not be given access to confidential personal and benefits information.
  • Employees of the Human Resources Department who work with personnel file information will also have access to the complete file, but must only access the minimum information necessary to do their jobs.
    • In this case, the personnel file includes information contained in the electronic personnel and payroll system.
    • Employees in Human Resources must sign a confidentiality agreement as a condition of their employment.
3.0 Procedures

3.1 Access: May be requested verbally, in person, or in writing. While appointments are not required, depending on the availability of staff to assist the requesting individual, access may not be available without prior notice and appointment.

3.2 Physical Presence: All inspections and reviews of the personnel file must be made in the physical presence of an employee of the Human Resources Department. At no time may a file be “loaned” or removed from the presence of an HR staff member.

3.3 Copies: May be provided to employees or supervisors. A current or former employee who requests copies of more than twenty pages will be charged copy fees not greater than the fees established in the Public Records policy.

3.4 Maintenance: Except during normal business hours, personnel files will be stored in locked cabinets.

3.5 Destruction: Personnel records will be maintained for ten years after an employee’s termination or retirement. Records older than ten years will be destroyed.