Mines Policy Process & Resources

Mines policies are created and revised through one of the following PATHS:
  • Faculty Handbook Committee
  • Campus-wide Administrative Policy Process
The Policy Process at Mines

Trying to understand what process to follow to get your proposed policy or updates/changes made?

Start by reviewing the Mines Policy Process


Policy creation/update request form

Ready to begin prepping a new policy, procedures or guidelines? Do you need to update an existing Mines policy? Submit your online request and we will help guide you through the next steps in the policy approval process.

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Starting a New Policy?

New Campus-wide Administrative Policies should be written using the common template. The template is a guide to help members of the Mines community write and create a structure for policies in development.  Older administrative policies will be moved into this template over time.

Download the Mines Policy template


Mines Policy Style Guide

As you begin making changes to the Mines Policy Template (see above), you’ll want to ensure that you are matching your new policy to our current ones. 

Download the Mines Policy Style Guide


Additional Resources


Have you determined that your proposed policy would be better suited as set procedures instead?
You’re welcome to download and review our Procedures template to assist you in formatting your procedures for Mines.

Download the Mines Procedures template


Policy, Procedures or Guidelines: What's the Difference?

POLICY:  A statement of principle/s that aligns with legislative, regulatory, or organizational requirements and defines the institution’s position on an area of its activities.  Policies are developed to address legislative and/or government policy compliance, to implement a strategic or operational goal, to help build culture and create consistency in application, or to establish workplace requirements, and are mandatory (non-discretionary).  The scope of a policy may apply to all or parts of the institution, its entities, or specific groups.

PROCEDURES:  A method, process or rule employed or followed by an institution in the pursuit of its objectives that is or is not formally codified.  Practices may be considered standard operating procedures that have not been formalized as a policy, but are generally accepted or carried out by all employees. They can sometimes be known as de facto policies.

GUIDELINES: document that is advisory, aimed at recommending best practices in a particular area of activity and is discretionary is considered a guideline.  Guidelines are used to supplement policy and/or procedures or serve as guidance or direction when no applicable policy or procedure exists.

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