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The policy may not be limited to that area of coverage. Please review background, purpose and policy for applicability.  Submit feedback to the Compliance and Policy Office.


(C) Policies:

Campus Wireless Network Infrastructure Policy [Information Technology]

Capital Budget Guidelines [Financial]

Capital Construction and Real Estate Conveyance Policy [BOT]

Catalog, Graduate [Academic]

Catalog, Undergraduate [Academic]

CCIT Policy Violations Processes [Information Technology]

Cell Phone Allowance Policy [Financial]

Classified Employee Handbook [Human Resources]

Classified Grievance Process [Human Resources]

Closeout of Fixed Price Agreements [Research]

Code of Conduct [Student]

Code of Conduct, Data [Data]

Code of Ethics (Faculty) [Faculty Handbook]

College Opportunity Fund (COF) Waiver Policy [Financial]

Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) (See Public Records Requests) [External Relations]

Colorado Drug Law Summary [Student]

Community Right-to-Know [Safety]

Compensatory Time and Overtime Policy [Human Resources] (See Workweek)

Computing Account Termination Procedure [Information Technology]

Conflict of Interest Policy [BOT] (see Faculty Handbook Section 6All Mines Policy)

Consumer Information (Higher Education Opportunity Act) [Student]

Contract Approval Policy [BOT]

Contractual Indemnification Policy [BOT]

Contracts Without Proposals Policy [Research]

Cost Transfer on Sponsored Agreements Policy [Research]

Credit and Debit Card Processing Policy [Financial / IT] (New as of 7/30/2020)

(J) Policies:

[No policies currently available]

(K) Policies:

[No policies currently available]

(l) Policies:

Leave Policies:
Personal Safety Leave (Domestic Violence/Abuse) [Human Resources]
Sick/Vacation/Parental/Leave Without Pay/FMLA  (See Faculty or Classified Handbook) [Human Resources]

Logos and Trademarks, Purchases using [Financial]

(Q) Policies:

[No policies currently available]

(S) Policies:

Sabbatical Leave Policy (also see Faculty Handbook) [BOT

Safety Policy, University [Facilities-Property-Safety]

Procedure General Laboratory and Workshop Safety [Facilities-Property-Safety]

Salary Administration: New Hires, Promotions, Re-classifications, Reemployment and Annual Increases [Human Resources]

Scholarship and Recognition Awards Policy [Student]

School Closures and Severe Weather Policy [Human Resources]

Security Camera Policy (Updated May 2020) [Facilities]

Security Practices and Guidelines [Information Technology]

Security & Fire Safety Report, Annual [Safety]

Senate Bill 3 (2010-003) Guidelines [Financial]

Service Center Policy [Research]

Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, and Interpersonal Violence [BOT]

Anonymous Sexual Violence Reporting Form [Student]

Smoking Policy [Facilities]

SPAM, Viruses, Trojans (see Reporting Network Abuse) [Information Technology]

Sole Source Justification Form [Procurement]

SpeakUP@Mines (see Whistleblower Policy) [Financial]

Sponsored Research Agreement, Cost Transfers [Research]

State and Federal Contact Procedures [External Relations]

Storage on University Premises [Facilities]

Student Appeal Request Form [Student]

Student Complaint Process [Student] (Updated May 2020)

Student Data Access Policy [Information Technology]

Student Fees, See the Institutional Plan for Student Fees [BOT]

Student Guideline for Service Animals [Student]

Student Publications [Student]

Resources for Survivors of Sexual Assault or Other Sexual Violence (Revised October 2015) [Student]

(X) Policies:

[No policies currently available]

(Y) Policies:

[No policies currently available]

(Z) Policies:

[No policies currently available]