Mines Policy Library

Research Policies

This policy provides Department Heads and Division Directors more involvement in decisions, ensures that PIs have approval of special requests before writing proposals, allows VPRTT time to request additional information (if necessary), streamlines the processing of proposal preparation, and ensures that the full cost to Mines is documented and justified by the projected benefits.

This policy outlines procedures to be used when more than 5% of the budget remains in a fixed-priced contract at the end of a project.

This policy outlines reasons all awards that Mines receives must have an official Mines proposal on file in ORA, complete with all required signatures and proposals must be submitted through ORA for all requests for external funds, including subcontracts and extensions to existing contracts.

This policy regulates the disclosure and resolution of Potential or actual Conflicts of Interest affecting Mines’ faculty and addresses situations in which interests or activities may conflict with a faculty member’s teaching, research, scholarship and service responsibilities at Mines.

This policy assists faculty in the management of their grants and to allow for the reassignment to a sponsored agreement of an expense initially charged against another source of funds in compliance with federal regulations.

This policy provides the institutional standard for determining how costs are charged to grants, contracts, and other sponsored projects whether they are supported by federal or private funds.

Guidelines that serve as a beginning for negotiations, as no absolute policy governs the disposition of inventoried equipment when a faculty member terminates his or her employment with Mines and the disposition is considered on a case-by-case basis.

Human Subjects Research is broad and includes any Research with individuals that require surveys or interviews, manipulation of the subject’s physical environment, and analysis of behavior or characteristics.

This policy concerning the ownership and control of intellectual property developed by Mines employees and students

Procedures that have been established to provide consistent operational practices among the various service center units, and to ensure compliance with both government regulations and internal School accounting policies.

This policy establishes the school’s policy and procedures for obtaining effort certifications for employees whose salaries are paid pursuant to sponsored agreements.