Student Alcohol Policy & Procedures


Responsible Administrative Unit: Student Life

Policy Contact: Dean of Students (dmorgan@mines.edu)

Relevant Resources: Request to Serve Alcohol Form (online)


The Colorado School of Mines (“Mines” or “the School”) is committed to maintaining an environment that supports and promotes healthy lifestyles including the academic and personal development of all members of the university community. The unlawful presence and irresponsible use of alcohol impacts the health and development of the community as a whole and its individual members. The objective of this policy is to ensure compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws, and school regulations regarding alcohol.


All students at the Colorado School of Mines must adhere to applicable federal, state, and local laws and school regulations related to the possession, consumption, distribution, and sale of alcoholic beverages. This includes, but is not limited to, issues of legal drinking age, alcohol-free housing, manufacturing of alcoholic beverages, and planning events with alcohol.

All events, at which students and alcohol are present, must be properly approved by the Dean of Students prior to the event. This includes both on and off-campus events as well as Student Events planned by faculty or staff members. Beer and wine are the only types of alcohol allowed at Student Events. Hard liquor is never permitted at Student Events.

Mines students are accountable for their actions and judgment and are expected to make responsible decisions regarding alcohol. Violations of this policy are subject to appropriate institutional and legal sanctions.


The procedures listed below must be followed by any organization or individual (student, faculty, or staff member) planning a Student Event where alcohol will be served and where Mines students (undergraduate or graduate) may be in attendance. Exceptions to procedural requirements outlined below may be granted by the Dean of Students on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Dean of Students at least three weeks prior to the event date if requesting an exception.

3.1 Planning to Serve Alcohol at a Student Event

Any individual or organization planning to serve alcohol at a Student Event must abide by the following requirements.

3.1.1 Secure Approval to Serve Alcohol

Step 1: At least one week in advance of the event, a Request to Serve Alcohol Form must be completed and submitted to the Student Life Office by the individual or organization planning the event. The form is available online at https://www.mines.edu/student-life/request-serve-alcohol/.

Step 2: The Dean of Students, or designee, will review the request within three business days, and will approve the request as written or return the request to the contact person with a list of required changes. The changes should then be made and the request re-submitted for review. If the request is not changed and submitted appropriately, alcohol will not be allowed to be present at the event.

Step 3: Once approved, a copy of the request will be provided to the individual or organization’s contact person indicated on the form by email. A copy of the approved request will also be sent to the Department of Public Safety.

Step 4: The contact person should review the approved request form and comply with all aspects of the event as approved.

3.1.2 Obtain a Third-Party Vendor

A Third-Party Vendor is required to serve the alcohol all events. All Student Events held on campus are required to use the school’s dining services provider as the Third-Party Vendor. Third-Party Vendors for off-campus events will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

3.1.3 Obtain a Security Provider

A security provider is required to assist with the ID checks and overall safety for all events where alcohol is served. The Student Activities Office can provide contact information for approved local security providers. Other security providers will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

3.1.4 Purchase or Obtain Donation of Alcohol

Certain restrictions are in place when purchasing alcohol for a Student Event. The funds used for the purchase of alcohol must be either from private funds of the individual hosting the event or from unrestricted funds given to a specific organization or department. The purchase of alcohol must be made in accordance with applicable law and the school’s Alcohol Purchase Policy. Students are encouraged to seek guidance from the Student Activities Office when purchasing alcohol for an event or function.

Some individuals or organizations seek donations of alcoholic beverages for their events. All regulations and procedures outlined in this policy apply equally, regardless of whether alcohol is obtained through donation or purchase.

3.1.5 Plan and Institute Control Measures

Appropriate measures must be in place to provide for the safety and protection of students and property, and must be approved by the Dean of Students prior to the event. Individuals or organizations planning events with alcohol must do at least the following:

  • Use wristbands provided by campus catering (the school’s dining services) to designate those 21 years and older.
  • Arrange appropriate transportation of the alcohol to the event.
  • Maintain a secure single location for the distribution of alcohol during the event.
  • Identify clearly the boundaries where alcohol is permitted.
  • Limit alcohol consumption to three (3) alcoholic drinks per person.
  • Limit single serving sizes to 12 ounces for beer and 6 ounces for wine.
  • Cease service of alcohol at least 30 minutes before the end of the event.
  • Provide food and alternative/non-alcoholic beverages throughout the duration of the event. Water is not acceptable as the sole alternative beverage.
  • Clean the facility or area in which the event took place, including trash and recycling efforts.
  • Dispose properly of any alcohol that is not consumed during the event.

3.2 Selling Alcohol at a Student Event

If a Student Event is structured so that alcohol will be sold, certain regulations apply. The Ben H. Parker Student Center and the Student Recreation Center are the only areas on campus where alcoholic beverages are licensed to be sold. Selling alcohol outside these venues requires additional permits. Any attempt to sell alcoholic beverages without authorization and proper licensing is a violation of the Colorado liquor code. Violators are subject to appropriate institutional and legal sanctions.

If an event is planned for a location other than the Student Center or Recreation Center, a special event liquor license must be obtained well in advance of the event. Please meet with the Dean of Students at least four months prior to your event in order to start the process of obtaining a temporary license/permit through the City of Golden and State of Colorado.


Specific regulations related to alcohol exist for all locations, both on and off campus. The information below provides a brief summary for particular locations. More information on location regulations may be obtained from the Dean of Students.

4.1 Ben Parker H. Student Center and Student Recreation Center

The school’s dining services provider has exclusive rights to provide all food and drink in these buildings through campus catering. Campus catering holds the liquor license and must provide all alcohol for any Student Events in these buildings. Campus catering will be responsible for purchasing and distributing alcohol at Student Events held in these buildings.

4.2 Other Campus Buildings and Facilities

Except for the buildings noted in Section 4.1, there is no liquor license for other campus buildings or facilities, including outdoor spaces. Alcohol may be served in these facilities and outdoor spaces as long as the Student Event meets all the provisions of Section 3.0 above.

4.3 Campus Housing & Greek Houses

4.3.1 Mines residence halls (including Mines Park) are alcohol-free. No alcohol may be possessed or consumed in any part of these buildings or any adjacent outdoor areas.

4.3.2 Residents of Mines Park apartments and their guests who are 21 years of age or older may consume alcohol within their apartment; however, this exception does not apply to any adjacent outdoor area unless otherwise approved by the Dean of Students.

4.3.3 Campus-owned Greek houses are alcohol-free. No alcohol may be possessed or consumed in any part of these buildings or any adjacent outdoor areas.

4.3.4 Residents of privately owned Greek houses and their guests may consume alcohol within their room and house, if they are at least 21 years old and if permitted by their organizations. Alcohol may not be consumed in any adjacent outdoor area unless otherwise approved by the Dean of Students.

4.4 Off-Campus Facilities

Alcoholic beverages may be consumed by those at least 21 years old at Student Events held off-campus if the event has received prior approval by the Dean of Students. All provisions of section 3.0 above must be followed.


It is the responsibility of the Office of the Dean of Students to administer all aspects of this alcohol policy. This includes approval of events, policy education, policy enforcement, adjudication of violations, data collection, and reporting.


6.1 Student Event

A Student Event is any student activity that is sponsored, promoted, sanctioned, financed, and/or officially controlled by any entities or organizations of the Colorado School of Mines. For the purposes of this policy, a Student Event is also any official function or training function that includes students, and where alcohol is present.

6.2 Third-Party Vendor

A Third-Party Vendor is a properly licensed and insured catering company. The vendor must:

  • Be properly licensed by the appropriate local and state authority. This might involve both a liquor license and a temporary license to sell on the premises where the function is to be held.
  • Have general liability insurance in amounts required by the school, evidenced by a properly completed certificate of insurance prepared by the insurance provider.
  • Assume all the responsibilities that any other purveyor of alcoholic beverages would assume in the normal course of business, including, but not limited to, the following:
    • Checking identification cards upon entry;
    • Not serving minors (under the age of 21 years);
    • Not serving individuals who appear to be intoxicated;
    • Maintaining absolute control of ALL alcoholic containers present;
    • Collecting all remaining alcohol at the end of the function.

7.1 Request to Serve Alcohol Form

7.2 Additional University Policies that may apply to this policy are available in the Mines’ Policy Library, including, but not limited to:


This policy will be reviewed at least every two years by the Responsible Administrative Unit.

Policy Adopted 2010;
Updated 2013;
Updated 2014 (titles; links);
Updated 2016 (titles; links; addition of Review Cycle/History; Retitled §7).