Smoking and Vaping Policy


Responsible Administrative Unit: Infrastructure and Operations

Policy Contact: Associative Vice President of Infrastructure & Operations, Gary Bowersock (gbowerso@mines.edu)



The Colorado School of Mines (“Mines”) is committed to providing a safe learning, working and living environment for its students, employees and visitors.

 Mines recognizes the hazards caused by exposure to environmental tobacco smoke, as well as the life-threatening diseases linked to the use of all forms of tobacco and Vaping with e-cigarettes, and has developed this Policy to assist with reducing the potential for secondhand smoke exposure on the Mines campus, provide educational resources to students and employees on the dangers of Smoking and Vaping, reduce litter and protect the environment from discarded cigarette butts and Vaping devices.

 Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States, including more than 41,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure according to the Centers for Disease Control. Discarded cigarette butts leach nicotine and heavy metals into the environment before turning into micro-plastic pollution.


Mines is a smoke/tobacco free campus (covering Smoking of any tobacco products, including oral tobacco products or “spit” tobacco, e-cigarettes and related products) with Designated Smoking Areas.

 Smoking and Vaping are banned inside Mines-owned buildings and Mines-owned or leased vehicles.

The possession or use of marijuana on Mines campus is prohibited.

 Littering Mines campus with the remains of Smoking or Vaping products is prohibited. Cigarette butts and Vaping devices must be disposed of inside the bins for disposal found in the Designated Smoking Areas.

 The production, sale, distribution, and sampling of all Smoking products, paraphernalia, and accessories, including e-cigarettes, electronic Vaping devices, personal vaporizers, electronic nicotine delivery systems or other such devices is prohibited on Mines campus.


All Mines community members, including students, employees, visitors, vendors, contractors and other individuals who may not be directly affiliated with Mines must adhere to this Policy.

Supervisors and managers are responsible for ensuring that their employees comply with this Policy.

Mines Infrastructure and Operations is responsible for monitoring the disposal bins on campus.

The Mines Smoking Policy Committee, which consists of staff, faculty, and representatives from student government, is responsible for review and approval of this Policy.


Employees who violate this Policy are subject to disciplinary actions as determined by their supervisor. Students who refuse to comply with this Policy will be referred to the Dean of Students.


Designated Smoking Areas means marked areas on Mines campus where Smoking and Vaping are allowed. Designated Smoking Areas will have signs posted that read “Designated Smoking Area.”

Designated Smoking Areas are setup in the following locations:

  • Designated Smoking Area 1 – Behind Weaver residence hall
  • Designated Smoking Area 2 – Behind Student Center
  • Designated Smoking Area 3 – Behind the Green Center
  • Designated Smoking Area 4 – Behind the truck shop near the GRL Annex
  • Designated Smoking Area 5 – Mines Park Shops I or II building.

Additional areas may be added or current designated areas may be changed if the Smoking Policy Committee determines that more areas are needed for convenience.

Smoking means Smoking any substance, including but not limited to, tobacco, cloves, or other tobacco-like substances.

Vaping means the use of e-cigarettes, electronic Vaping devices, personal vaporizers, electronic nicotine delivery systems, or other devices that vaporize substances to simulate Smoking.


KEY WORDS: smoking, tobacco, cloves, marijuana, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vaping


The Policy will be reviewed at least every 2 years, or as needed by the Responsible Administrative Unit.

Issued: November 15, 2017.

Updated/Amended: November 1, 2021 (updated policy name, formatting changes and replacing policy of 25 feet from entrance to each building with designated smoking and vaping areas only.)