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ABET Accreditation
About Mines
Absence from School (Excused Absence)
Academic Advising: Students, contact your academic advisor
Academic Affairs
Academic Calendar (for full calendar click here)
Academic Catalog
Academic Departments
Academic Policies
Academic Standing, Probation, Suspension & Dismissal
Academic Tutoring
Academics – Graduate
Academics – Undergraduate
Access to Buildings / Blaster Card Access
Accessibility, Disability Services
Account Reactivation, Email and Trailhead
Accounting / Payroll
Accounts Payable for Students
Accounts Receivable
Active Duty Military in CO for Tuition Classification
Administration and Finance
Administrative Departments
Admission to Candidacy
Admissions – Undergraduate
Admissions – Graduate
Add / Drop Courses – First-Semester Freshmen
Add / Drop Courses after Census Date
Adding Money to Your Blaster Card
Address Change
Advanced Level (A-L)
Advanced Placement (AP) & International Baccalaureate (IB) Credit
Advising Center
Advisor Change
Advisor Lookup
Alternate PIN
Alumni Association
Alumni Information
Alumni License Plates
AP / IB Advanced Credit
Apartment Housing, Mines Park
Application to Graduate – Graduate
Application to Graduate – Undergraduate
Applied Math & Statistics
Apply for COF
Apply to Colorado School of Mines
Apply as a Non-Degree Student – Graduate
Apply as a Non-Degree Student – Undergraduate
Area of Special Interest (ASI)
Arthur Lakes Library
Astra Schedule Access
At a Glance, Mines at a Glance
Athletic Calendar
Athletic Requirement?| Physical Activity Requirements
Athletics Department
Auditing a Course
Audits – Official Degree Audit | Application to Graduate
Audits – Trailhead Audit/Unofficial Audit
Authorize COF
Automobile Insurance, Good Student Discount
Availability of Course Schedules
Availability of Freshman Schedules
Availability of Final Grades
Bachelor’s Degrees Offered
Benefit Resources for Employees
Biochemical Engineering
Blaster Card
Board of Trustees
Budget and Planning
Building Access, Blaster Card
Buildings, Map
Burro Bucks
Bursar’s Office
Bus Pass Information: Contact Student Activities
Business Operations
Calendar – Academic
Calendar – Athletics
Calendar – Campus Events
Calendar – Student Organizations
Campus Dining
Campus Directory
Campus Events Calendar
Campus Map
Campus Police
Campus Security
Campus Recreation Center
Campus Tours: Contact Admissions
Cancelling Your Registration
Canvas Learning Management System
Capital Planning and Construction
Capstone Design
Career Center
Career Day
CASA (Center for Academic Services and Advising)
Catalogs, Previous
Catalog of Current Semester Courses
Catalog of Future Semester Courses
Census Day
Center for Academic Services and Advising
Centers and Institutes
Certification of Rocks and Meteorites
Challenge Exams
Change Address / Phone Number / Email
Change Advisor
Change Bulletin / Catalog
Change Classes – First Semester Freshman
Change Major / Advisor
Change Name / SSN
Chapter 33 GI Bill?
Chemical and Biological Engineering Department
Chemistry Department
Class Rankings
Class Schedule
Class Standing
Classes, Auditing
Classified Ads
Classroom List, Sizes and Features
Classroom Scheduling
Closure of School Due to Weather
Club Meeting Room Reservations
Club Sports
Clubs and Organizations
CIM Course and Program Administration Access (Faculty)
Civil Engineering
Code of Conduct
COF (College Opportunity Fund)
COF Waiver
Colorado School of Mines at a Glance
Colorado School of Mines Bookstore
Colorado School of Mines Centers and Institutes
Colorado School of Mines Foundation
Colorado School of Mines License Plates: Contact Alumni Association
Common Exam
Common Exam Policy
Common Exam Rooms
Complete Withdrawal
Computer Science Department
Conference Services
Confirmation to Attend
Consumer Information
Continuing Education / Teacher Enhancement Transcripts
Controller’s Office
Co-ops and Internship Information
Copy Center
Core Curriculum
Cornerstone Design
Cost of Attendance
Counseling Center
Course and Program Administration Access (Faculty)
Course Approval for Transfer Credit
Course Catalog
Course Change Crosswalk
Course Descriptions
Course Failure Multiple Times
Course Forgiveness
Course Registration
Course Schedules
Course Schedule Availability
Course Substitution
Course Syllabus Information: Please contact the department offering the course
Courses for No Credit
Courses for Teacher Recertification
Current Advisor
Dead Day
Dean’s List
Declare a Double Major
Declare a Major
Declare a Minor
Degree Accreditation
Degree Audits?| Application to Graduate
Degree Evaluation on Trailhead
Degrees Offered
Degree Verification
Department List – Academic
Department List – Administrative
Department Offices
Departmental Directory
Departmental Short Courses / Seminars: Contact the department offering the course
Dining on Campus
Dining Services
Diplomas, Letter of Completion
Directions to Campus
Directory Information / FERPA
Directory of the School
Disability Services
Distribution and Mail Services
Doctor of Philosophy Degrees Offered
Dormitory Information
Double Degree
Double Major vs. Double Specialty
Drop / Add Courses – First Semester Freshman
Drop / Add Courses After Census Date
Drop / Add Deadlines
Email Account Activation
Email Address Change
Email / Electronic Communication Policy
Economics and Business Division
EIT (Engineering in Training) Exam Information
Electrical Engineering Department
Electronic Transcripts
Emergency Alert System
Employee Tuition Waiver
Employees Taking Classes
Encumbrances / Holds
Engineering Board Accreditation
Engineering, Design and Society
Engineering Physics
Enrolling in Graduate Classes as an Undergraduate
Enrollment Verifications
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Health and Safety
Environmental Science and Engineering
Equipment Rental
Error Messages for Registration
Estimated Cost of Attendance: Undergraduate | Graduate
Events Calendar
Ex-Mines Returning: Contact Admissions
Exams: Common Exam Schedule | Final Exam Schedule
Exam Policy, Common
Exchange Student Program
Excused Absences
Facilities Management
Faculty and Staff Contact Information
Faculty Handbook
Faculty Senate
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
FE (Fundamentals of Engineering) Exam
Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Federal Work Study Aid
Fees – Parking
Fee Waiver – Employee Tuition Waiver
Fee Waiver – Student: Contact Student Receivables
FERPA Regulations
FERPA Release Form
Final Exams
Final Grades
Final Transcripts
Finance and Administration
Financial Aid
Financial Aid Repeatable Courses
Find Current Advisor
Food Court
Food Services
Foreign Languages at Colorado School of Mines
Forgiveness of Grades
Forms from Registrar’s Office
Freshman Class Standing
Freshman Registration
Freshman Schedule Changes
Freshman Schedules
Full-Time Student Letter
Future Semester Course Schedules
GEODE Schedule Planner
Geology and Geological Engineering Department
Geology Museum
Geophysics Department
GI Bill?
Good Standing Status
Good Student Discount, Automobile Insurance
GPA Calculator
Grade Changes
Grade Replacement Policy
Grades: Final Grades | Midterm Grades
Grade Point Average (GPA)
Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculator
Graduate Academics
Graduate Admissions
Graduate Application
Graduate Cost of Attendance
Graduate Degrees Offered
Graduate Catalog
Graduate Courses, Enrolling as an Undergraduate
Graduate Leave of Absence: Contact Graduate Studies
Graduate Non-Degree Students
Graduate Programs
Graduate School
Graduate Student Reduced Registration: Contact Graduate Studies
Graduate Studies
Graduation Audit
Graduation Ceremony
Graduation General Information
Graduation Application
Graduation Honors and Awards
Graduation Letter of Completion
Graduation Requirements
Graduation Salute – Undergraduate Information
Grants and Financial Aid
Green Center Events
Guy T. McBride Honors Programs
HASS Cluster Electives
HASS Division
HASS Writing Center
H&SS Mid-Level requirement
HB-1023 Verification of Lawful Presence
Health Center
Health Insurance Requirement
Health Insurance Waiver
Help Desk (CCIT)
Historical Records Information
History of Colorado School of Mines
Home Page
Honor Code
Honor Roll
Honors, Graduation
Honors Program
How to Register for a Class
Human Resources
Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Division
Hydrologic Science and Engineering
IB / AP Credit
ID Card
Immunization Records
Important Dates and Deadlines: Census Information | Academic Calendar
In-State Tuition Classification
Incomplete Grades
Independent Study
Inside Mines
International Student Information
International Student and Scholar Services
Institutes / Centers and Institutes
Institutional Advancement
Institutional Research
Instructor Contact Information
Insurance, Good Student Discount
Insurance, Student Health
Insurance Waiver
International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) Credit
International Programs
Internships and Co-op Information
Intramural and Club Sports
Job Fair and Career Day
Job Postings, Work Study
Junior Class Standing
Lab and Building Access, Blaster Card
Late Add or Withdrawal from Course
Lawful Presence Verification
Leave of Absence: Undergraduate | Graduate
Legal Services
License Plates
List of Academic Departments
List of Administrative Departments
List of Textbooks
Local Address Change
Locations, Buildings
Login – Trailhead
Look Up Current Advisor
Lost and Found
Major – Declare or Change
Map of Campus
Master’s Degrees Offered
Materials Science Program
Mathematics and Statistics Department
Maximum Hours per Semester
McBride Honors Program
Medical Absence
Medical Withdrawal
Mechanical Engineering
Mental Health Resources
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Meteorite Certification
Meteorite Testing
Midterm Grades
Military – Credit Information – Joint Services Transcript (JST)
Military – In-State Tuition Classification
Military – Request for Student Recruiting Information
Military – Veterans Services
Military Science Department – ROTC
Mines at a Glance
Mines Emergency Alert System
Mines Magazine
Mines Park Apartments
Mining Engineering Department
Minor – Declare or Change
Minors Offered
Multiple Degrees
Museum – Geology Museum
Name Change
National Student Clearinghouse Verifications
New Freshman Schedules
New Student Orientation
New Transfer Student Schedules
Newspaper, Student Newspaper
Non-Degree Credits Combined with Degree Credits
Non-Degree Information and Registration: Undergraduate | Graduate
Notarized Diploma
Offered Degrees
Offered Minors / Areas of Special Interest
Official Transcripts
On-Campus Housing
Online Transcript / Diploma Ordering System
Oredigger Student Newspaper
Orientation Information
Outdoor Recreation Center
Parchment Diplomas
Parent Orientation
Parents and Visitors
Parking Fee Waiver
Parking Map
Parking Services
Past Student Information Requests
Payment / Billing
Payment Deadlines
Payroll and Benefit Services
Penultimate Week Policy
Permanent Address Change
Personal Information Updates
Petition for In-State Tuition Classification
Petroleum Engineering Department
PhDs Offered
Phone Number Changes
Physical Education and Athletics
Physical Education Requirements
Physics Department
PINs for Registration
Placing a Classified Ad
Planning and Policy Analysis
Police, Mines Campus Police
Policies and Procedures
Post 9/11 GI Bill?
Posting of Work Study Jobs
President’s Office
Printable Registrar’s Office Forms
Priority Registration
Procurement Services
Program Accreditation
Program and Course Administration, CIM (Faculty)
Programs Offered
Progress Grades
Prospective Students
Provost and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Public Relations
Public Safety
Qualifications for Reduced Registration
Qualifications for Residency Status
Rank (Class Rankings)
Readmissions Committee
Reactivate Email or Trailhead Account
Records and Research Requests
Recreation Center
Red Rocks Community College Courses
Reduced Registration
Registering for Classes
Registration Dates and Deadlines
Registration Forms
Registrar’s Office
Registrar’s Office Forms
Registration Confirmation
Registration Error Messages
Registration Holds
Registration PIN
REMRSEC (Research Experience for Undergraduates)
Rental of Equipment
Repeat Policy
Repeatable Courses for Financial Aid
Repeated Failure of Courses
Replacement of Grades
Request for Student Recruiting Data
Request for Records Research
Research Administration
Research at Mines
Research Experience for Undergraduates
Research Grades
Reserving a Room, Off-Campus Groups
Reserving a Room, On-Campus Groups and Staff
Residence Halls
Residence Life
Residency Classification
Resume Services
Returning Students
Risk Management
Rocks and Meteorite Certification
Room Information – Classroom Sizes and Features
Room Reservation Requests – Off-Campus Groups
Room Reservation Requests – General On-Campus Groups, Staff
RTD Bus Pass Information
Salute – Graduation Salute Undergraduate Information
Second Bachelor’s Degree
Second Undergraduate Degree
Schedule a Campus Tour
Schedule Availability
Schedule, Classes
Schedule, Class Changes
Schedule, Common Exams
Schedule Confirmation
Schedule, Final Exams
Schedule Planner, GEODE
Scheduling a Room – Off-Campus Groups
Scheduling a Room – On-Campus Groups and Staff
Schedules, New Freshman
Schedules, New Transfers
Schedule, Tuition and Fees
Scholarship Information
Security, Campus Police
Selective Service
Senior Class Standing
Short Courses: Please contact the department offering the course.
Silver Diplomas
Social Security Number (SSN) Change
Sodexo / Campus Dining
Sophomore Class Standing
Special Event Room Reservations
Special Programs and Continuing Education
Special Programs Courses / Transcripts
Sporting Event Calendar
Staff and Faculty Contact Information
State Work Study Aid
Student Accounts / Billing
Student Activities
Student Bills
Student Clubs and Organizations
Student Conduct Code
Student Development and Academic Services
Student Directory
Student Disability Services
Student Employment, Work Study
Student Fees
Student Government: Undergraduate | Graduate
Student Health Center
Student Health Insurance Requirement
Student Honor Code
Student Housing
Student ID Card
Student Information Release Form
Student Life
Student Loans
Student Newspaper
Student Ranking Information
Student Records and Privacy
Student Organization Calendar
Student Organizations
Studio Arts Courses
Study Abroad
Summer Course Schedules
Syllabus Information: Please contact the department offering the course
Taking Classes as a Mines Employee
Teacher Education
Teacher Recertification Courses / Transcripts
Textbook Information
Trailhead Account Activation
Trailhead Degree Evaluation
Transcripts – Teacher Recertification
Transcripts – Undergraduate, Graduate, Non-Degree
Transfer Credit
Transfer Student Registration
Transfer Student Schedules
Transfer Students
Trustees, Board of
Tuition Assistance, GoArmyEd
Tuition Payments
Tuition Rates: Undergraduate Cost of Attendance?| Graduate Cost of Attendance
Tuition Waiver for Employees
Tuition / Fee Waiver for Students
Undergraduate Academics
Undergraduate Admissions
Undergraduate Catalog
Undergraduate Cost of Attendance
Undergraduate Degrees
Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Courses
Undergraduate Leave of Absence
Undergraduate Non-Degree Students
Undergraduate Research Experience
University Advancement
University Map
University Policies
Unofficial Degree Evaluation
Unofficial Transcripts
Update Address
Update Alumni Information
Update Email
Update Name
Update Social Security Number
Veterans – Military Credit Information – Joint Services Transcript (JST)
Veterans Services
Waiver – Health Insurance
WICHE - Residency Qualification
Withdrawal from Courses – Fall/Spring
Withdrawal from Courses – Summer
Writing Center – HASS
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