Auditing a Course

A student may, for special reasons and with the instructor’s permission, register for a course on the basis of NC (Not for Credit). To have the grade NC appear on his/her transcript, the student must enroll at registration time as a NC student in the course and comply with all conditions stipulated by the course instructor, except that if a student registered as NC fails to satisfy all conditions, no record of this registration in the course will be made. The Registration Action Form is used to request that a course is recorded as an audit. The form is available in the Registrar’s Office.

All students must register for the course on a credit basis before requesting to audit the course. To request an NC course be changed to credit based, please email

All NC courses are counted towards a student’s total enrolled hours. Tuition and fees must be paid for all credit based and noncredit-based courses.

All requests for audits or changes from no credit to credit must be received by Census Day. There are NO exceptions to this deadline due to strict legislation from the state and federal governments concerning audited courses.


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