Challenge Exams

Students that qualify to take a challenge exam are notified by Registrar’s Office through their official Mines email account. Eligibility is generally considered by achieving a certain score on the AP or IB exam. These students must be in their first two semesters at Mines to be eligible.

The following will disqualify a student from taking a challenge exam:

  1. Denying AP or IB credit and attempting to take a challenge exam to receive credit.
  2. Attempting to take a challenge exam to receive credit for a course they already have credit for.
  3. Continuing students who are in their third or more semester.

Exams cannot be given to receive credit for upper-division courses. Challenge Exams are by invitation only and an invite will be sent to your Mines email account should you qualify. 

Challenge exams are offered by Department discretion, and not every foundational course may have a challenge exam.

Should a grade of “C” or better be achieved, a student will receive a “T” grade and transfer credit as viewable on their transcript.

Additional information is located in the catalog. Other questions regarding challenge exams should be directed to


Registrar's Office
Student Center, Suite E280
1200 16th Street
Golden, CO 80401
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8 am-5 pm

For registration or student record questions
FAX: 303-384-2253
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