Degree Level Change and Program Change

Students wanting to change a degree level must do the following:

Submit the Degree Level Change Request form. This form is only for students changing degree levels in the same major, master’s changing their major, or PhD students changing to a master’s in either the same major or a related one.

If you are currently enrolled in master’s degree or certificate program and wish to add/enroll in a PhD degree, then you must apply online.

Do not use this form if you are currently enrolled in PhD and wish to add a master’s degree or a certificate program, submit a master’s along the way or certificate along the way.  Note: You may also need to submit a new Degree Audit Form for new degree level or new major if one was already submitted prior to making change.

Important: If changing majors for a master’s degree, you must attach a “What-If” Degree Works degree evaluation for the new MS degree title. 

Note: All students submitting this form may also need to submit a new Degree Audit Form if one was already submitted prior to making the change in degree level

PhD students wanting to add a master’s degree with the exact same degree title (PhD in Electrical Engineering adding an MS in Electrical Engineering) must:

Students wanting to add degree programs must do the following:

Submit a new application online for the new degree program for the following conditions:

  • If currently in PhD degree program and adding any Master’s degree program with a different degree title
  • If currently in any Master’s degree program and adding a PhD degree program

Consult the new degree program/department to determine which components of the application they will require.


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