GPA Calculator

Please note that this GPA Calculator is an estimator for UNOFFICAL use only, and is only intended to assist students in predicting cumulative GPA for future semesters.
To calculate your GPA for the current term only, fill in your letter grade and course credit value for up to 12 courses. Click on the Calculate Predicted Current Term GPA button. Remember that Mines GPA is calculated using credits and grades used while attending Mines.
Number of Credits Letter Grade Quality Points
Total Number of Mines Credits Grade Point Average Total Quality Points Earned
Grade Quality Points
A 4.000
A- 3.700
B+ 3.300
B 3.000
B- 2.700
C+ 2.300
C 2.000
C- 1.700
D+ 1.300
D 1.000
D- 0.700
F 0.000
To continue and calculate your Predicted Cumulative GPA: Enter the total number of credits you've earned so far at Mines (also called GPA Hours on your transcript) + your cumulative GPA from your unofficial transcript, then click the "Calculate Predicted Cumulative GPA" button.
Total number of your actual completed credits at Mines Your Cumulative Mines GPA prior to this semester Your predicted Mines Cumulative GPA
To report errors or perceived miscalculations from use of this calculator, please email the details to and we will review the information and return your message.