Holds Information

Holds Information


Holds will be placed on student accounts when information is requested from the student and has not been received, or is due and late. A hold means that the student cannot access any of his or her information, cannot register, graduate, or process transcripts.

If you are a student and there is a hold on your account, you must contact the department responsible for placing the hold in order to have it resolved. This information can be found in Trailhead, under “Student Records.” Viewing your holds will allow you to see the following information:

  1. The reason the hold was placed.
  2. What the hold prevents (registration, transcripts, etc.).
  3. The department that placed the hold.

Some holds are considered information-only holds and do not stop students from being able to register for classes, view grades, or obtain transcripts. Information-only holds are:

  • eRefund Enrollment: No Action Required – This hold is placed automatically to inform students when there is a refund balance on their account. Once the student is enrolled in the eRefund Program, no further action is necessary. For questions regarding eRefund, contact the Cashier at 303-273-3298 or Student Account Receivables at 303-273-3158.
  • e1098T Enrollment: No Action Required – This hold is placed to inform students to enroll in the e1098T program to receive the 1098T tax forms from the school. For questions regarding the e1098T enrollment, contact Student Account Receivables at 303-273-3158.
  • Payment Plan: No Action Required – This hold is to inform students when a payment plan is in place for their tuition and fees for the semester in question. For more information on payment plans, contact Student Account Receivables at 303-273-3158.


Common Student Holds

Most holds can be released the same day that the required information is submitted to the relevant office. Following is a list of common student holds, and contact information for the department responsible for placing and releasing the hold:


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