Incomplete Grade Policy

An Incomplete ‘INC’ is a temporary grade which may be given at the instructor’s discretion to a student when illness, necessary absence, or other reasons beyond the control of the student prevent completion of course requirements by the end of the academic term. An ‘INC’ is restricted to cases in which the student satisfactorily completed a significant amount of the course work, including attendance and participation.

The student and the instructor should discuss the terms for the incomplete before the end of the term. The instructor may grant up to one year, but the time limit may be less, to complete outstanding coursework. Any outstanding grade of ‘INC’ will be converted to an ‘F’ grade if it has not been updated by the instructor after one year. In the event that an ‘INC’ grade remains on the record at the completion of the degree, the ‘INC’ will be converted to an ‘F’ and included in the final GPA.



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