Military and Dependents

Military and Their Dependents

Below is information on how military members and/or their dependents can receive in-state tuition. Questions should be emailed to Visit our Veteran Services page to find out more information on using military benefits and other resources:

Active-duty stationed in Colorado

Active-duty stationed in Colorado:

  • Members of the armed forces of the United States and Canada on duty station in Colorado are eligible for in-state tuition exception, regardless of Colorado domicile or length of residence in Colorado. To qualify you must be certified by the Certifying Official in the Registrar’s Office by following the steps below. This must be done every term you are requesting in-state tuition for.
    1. Complete the Active Duty Military form
    2. Email the form to the Registrar’s Office by the first day of classes,
  • Qualifying active-duty armed forces include:
    • United States Army
    • United States Navy
    • United States Air Force
    • United States Marine Corps
    • United States Coast Guard
    • United States Public Health Service
    • United States NOAA Corps
    • Members of the Canadian Military stationed in Colorado
Active-duty stationed outside Colorado

Active-duty stationed outside Colorado but lived in Colorado prior to enlistment:

  • To retain Colorado domicile during an absence from Colorado due to military orders, military members must maintain Colorado as their legal residence for tax purposes and voter registration.
  • A person domiciled in Colorado for one year prior to enlisting in active-duty service who returns permanently to Colorado within 6 months of discharge from the military is eligible for in-state tuition exception.
  • Military members cannot establish domicile in Colorado for tuition purposes while residing elsewhere or while residing in Colorado on a temporary basis.
  • Contact the Registrar’s Office to determine steps to petitioning for in-state tuition classification,
  • Members of the Colorado National Guard and their dependents qualify for in-state tuition exception if the member maintains his or her sole residence in Colorado. This includes having Colorado state taxes withheld from wages, leasing or owning property in Colorado, and maintaining Colorado vehicle registration, Colorado driver’s license, and Colorado voter’s registration form.


  • Dependents of members of the armed forces which includes the spouse of a member of the armed services who was the member’s spouse at the time that the member was stationed in Colorado and at the time the spouse is requesting in-state tuition classification, as well as any child under the age of twenty-two born to or legally adopted by the member of the armed forces who enrolls in a public institution of higher education within twelve years after the member was stationed in Colorado. More information on this legislation can be found HERE. If you believe you are eligible, contact
  • After qualifying as an in-state student, a member of the armed forces on active duty, or a spouse or dependent of a member of the armed forces, shall not lose his/her in-state status if the member of the armed forces retires or separates from the military.
  • Honorably discharged veterans can also petition for this benefits for their spouse and dependent if the veteran established domicile in Colorado.
Honorably discharged veterans

Honorably discharged veterans

  • Honorably discharged veterans who show established domicile in Colorado immediately preceding the start of the semester, regardless of length of time, shall be granted in-state tuition.
  • All members of the armed forces of the United States on active duty in Colorado or the member’s spouse or dependent shall not lose his or her eligibility for in-state tuition status if the member retires or separates from the military and remains in Colorado.
  • If you are an honorably discharged veteran or spouse/dependent of an honorably discharged veteran, click HERE for steps on how to get in-state tuition.
  • If you believe you qualify for in-state tuition under the Choice Act, please contact

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