Transfer Student Information

Transfer Student Information

Guaranteed Transfer

Colorado School of Mines is a signatory to the Colorado Statewide Engineering Articulation Agreement. Beginning with admissions in 2003-2004, this agreement determines transferability of coursework for engineering students in the State of Colorado. Credits earned more than 10 years previously will not transfer.

Additionally, Colorado School of Mines has formal transfer agreements with Red Rocks Community College (RRCC), Front Range Community College (FRCC), Community College of Aurora (CCA), Arapahoe Community College (ACC), and Community College of Denver (CCD).


NEW! Computer Science transfer pathway – This is the first statewide transfer agreement with the Colorado School of Mines. Click HERE to view the Computer Science flow chart.



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Transfer Credit


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Course Equivalency Listing

Courses listed below generally require departmental approval. If you have taken a course that is not part of an articulation agreement, it is NOT guaranteed to transfer.

Course Taken Mines Equivalent
Calculus I MATH 111
Calculus II MATH 112
Calculus III MATH 213
Differential Equations MATH 225
College/General Chemistry w/ Lab CHGN 121
College/General Chemistry w/ Lab CHGN 122
Physics I Calculus-Based w/ Lab PHGN 100
Physics II Calculus-Based w/ Lab PHGN 200
Technical Writing and Environmental Ethics HASS 100
Composition II and Environmental Ethics HASS 100
Moden World History (Must be at least 200 level) HASS 200
200+ (Sophomore level and above) Humanities Courses HASS 2XX
400 (Senior level) Humanities Courses HASS 4XX
Physical Geology with Lab GEGN 101
General Biology with Lab CBEN 110
Probability and Statistics MATH 201
Introduction to Computer Science CSCI 101
Principles of Microeconomics and
Principles of Macroeconomics EBGN 201
Engineering Design* EDNS151
Physical Activities Courses** PAGN Elective

* Design courses rarely transfer

** Courses must be taken in separate semesters

  • Only courses completed with grades of “C” or better will be considered for acceptance. Credit that is recorded as “pass”, “satisfactory”, or “credit” at institutions that do not equate this classification to a C or better grade will not transfer. Departments may stipulate a higher minimum grade. More information can be found in our bulletin here.
  • Please keep course syllabus and coursework (such as exams, quizzes, class notes and homework) from all math and science courses as departments often request course materials for review prior to granting transfer credit. Physics exams will always be required for review.
  • If you have only completed up through Calculus II, you may be required to complete a one-credit hour Calculus II short-form course to bridge any material not covered in the course being transferred to CSM. Calculus II at Mines contains content that is taught in Calculus III at other institutions. Furthermore, completion of a short form for Calculus III may be required to transfer in Calculus III from other institutions.
  • The successful completion gtPathways courses at another Colorado institutions may be granted upon your enrollment at Mines. Please refer to the relevant articulation agreements for course equivalencies.
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