Technology Transfer

The Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) at Colorado School of Mines works to serve the citizens of Colorado and the United States by commercializing the inventions resulting from research in accordance with four main principles:

  • Enhance the academic mission – If structured and communicated properly, technology commercialization can be effective as well as adding to the academic standing of the university.
  • Provide a service to the inventors and internal and external partners – The OTT needs to communicate to the inventors about the steps in commercialization, convey what is needed from them to move their inventions to market and be flexible in addressing inventors’ and other stakeholders needs.
  • Find the right partners – The OTT must make connections with key industry leaders, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and others in the technology-based economic development community who are potential partners in moving the university’s inventions to market.
  • Ensure fair return – As a steward of the taxpayers’ and university’s investment, the OTT must get fair market value for the inventions of the university, whatever the funding source.

Invention Disclosure Form

If you have questions or are interested in technologies that Colorado School of Mines has to offer, contact us.

Advisory Board

The Technology Transfer Advisory Board serves as an excellent resource that offers advice and guidance to the Tech Transfer Office.

Anthony Dean (Chair)

Senior Vice President, Research and Technology Transfer, Colorado School of Mines

Jack Coppola

Retired, Senior Vice President, Johns Manville

Jerry Donahue

Serial Entrepreneur

Kristen Grey

Director of Technology Transfer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Bruce Kugler

Partner and President, Sheridan Ross Patent Group

Mark Lupa

Partner, High Country Venture

Merc Mercure

CEO, OmniVision CDM Optics, Inc.
Founder, Ball Aerospace

Lee Osman

Partner and Chair, Dorsey & Whitney Patent Group

William Preston

Chairman and CEO, Cortica Benicia, S.A.

Steve VanNurden

President and CEO, Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority

Will Vaughan

Director, Technology Transfer, Colorado School of Mines

Barth Whitham

President/CEO, Enduring Resources LLC

Paul Wimer

Principal, Aspen Lane LLC