Undergraduate Research

The Undergraduate Research Fellowship program fosters exemplary undergraduate research projects at Mines. The program is competitive and open to all full-time undergraduate students at Mines.

The objective of this program is to enhance the education of undergraduate students with an opportunity to work as research assistants on faculty-led research projects. This will broaden and deepen the educational experience of students by exposing them to the research enterprise. Engaging in research could turn into a journey of self-discovery for students as it may help them identify their own career or research aspirations.

The program incentivizes the participation of research-active faculty by offering them talented and energetic research assistants whose fellowship is funded by Mines’ Academic Affairs and the Colleges. The university funds 75% of the stipend, with the remainder charged to the faculty member’s research grants or research/professional development accounts. This mutually beneficial arrangement would have faculty train and mentor students, and the student’s efforts would in turn advance the faculty member’s research objectives and career.

However, it should be noted that research can only be funded by this program if it is not taken for research credit or for senior design credit. Participating faculty members are encouraged to increase the research participation of qualified female students and students from under-represented ethnic backgrounds.

Terms of Employment and Eligibility:
– Full-time undergraduate students currently enrolled at Mines.
– Hourly-based employment contract is for the fall and spring semesters, potentially renewable at $11/hr or more.
– Renewals for a second period are allowable upon demonstration of adequate progress and have to be applied for through the next solicitation.

How to apply for 2017-2018

1) Look through the list of projects and select the ones you are interested in. The list of projects submitted by Mines faculty members can be found at: http://inside.mines.edu/~tcath/research/2017-2018_UG_Research_Projects.pdf.

2) If you are already funded by the program and the project continues, ask your advisor if he/she is still willing to sponsor you (project renewal).

3) A first-time applicant should meet with and talk to the faculty member proposing your favorite project to find out details and if the project is still available (only one application can be submitted per project, which means that a faculty member can only endorse one student for each project) and each student can submit only one application).

4) Fill out the proposal form for the project on which you and your advisor have agreed.

5) Fill out the Undergraduate Research Fellowship Application Survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdvYzw5hbFLs0L9kjJpn3Y0fFjVCbKhL7D3cgyiPgaC5hcfLA/viewform

6) Deadline for electronic submission is September 22, 2017, at noon.


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It Pays to Discover

It Pays to Discover

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