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There are two cars in the F Lot that are exclusive for Mines Students. Students only need to be 18 years old and the cars can be rented by the hour and by the day. Register on, 24/7. You can reserve the car in as little as an hour or up to 7 days.

Biking on campus

There are bike racks available across campus. Mines Campus Police recommend a U-Lock for all bikes.

Register Your Bike
Bicycle registration is not required but is highly encouraged to assist in the return of lost, impounded, or recovered bicycles. Bikes can be registered at no cost by contacting the Department of Public Safety, Monday – Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

There are dismount zones on campus. Please observe these zones.

Bike lockers are available for $80.00 per semester and $30.00 for the summer. We do not have a lot of locker space, so first priority will go to folks in triple rooms, through a lottery system. Inquire about renting a bike locker at the front desk of your Residence Hall when you move in.

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First-Year Resident Freshman Parking

First-year students that live on campus are not permitted to park on campus unless a permit is obtained through the lottery system. Residents may enter the lottery only once and will receive a maximum of one parking permit for one vehicle. No resident is eligible for multiple parking permits. Resident parking will be restricted to designated lots and/or segments of lots. The lottery also applies to first year students living in Mines Park. Students living under a Residence Life contract in Mines Park and who obtain a permit through the lottery system will only be authorized to park at Mines Park. Residents who submit any false information as part of participation in a parking lottery or in the submission of a parking permit application will be subject to removal from the lottery and/or revocation of the permit. Residents are not permitted to enter the lottery for purposes of acquiring a permit for anyone other than themselves. This includes selling permits or the sharing of vehicles owned by someone other than the applicant.

Parking Lottery 

The lottery is conducted in two rounds, if needed. In the first round, names are selected on the day after the lottery sign-up closes. Selected students will receive an e-mail notification by noon.

  1. To enter into the lottery, go to the Parking website: and click on the Lottery link and follow the instructions.
  2. Students accepting a permit through the lottery system will need to come to the Parking Office to pay in full and pick up the permit (or if out of state, call with a credit card for payment).
  3. Unclaimed lottery permits from the first round will be drawn again in the second round of the lottery.Results from each of the drawing dates are available online by noon of that day. At the conclusion of the lottery, all students not selected for a parking contract will be notified of their status by email.