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Each year, the Department of Residence Life employs 100+ students across a variety of paid positions.
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Resident Advisors

Resident Advisors (RAs) are full-time students who live in the Residence Halls or Apartment Communities and are responsible for a particular floor/building of residents. They provide support, act as a resource for students, coordinate social and educational programs, and work with one another as a group to enforce community rules and university policies within the halls.

Desk Directors + Desk Assistants

Desk Assistants (DAs) are part-time student employees who complete the administrative functions of a front desk (e.g. sorting and distributing mail, answering student questions, checking out recreational equipment, performing lockouts, etc.) within a Residence Hall and/or Apartment Community. Desk Assistants serve as front line staff members while promoting an inclusive, safe, and academically conducive environment for students who live on campus at Colorado School of Mines.

Desk Directors are part-time student employees who supervise the Desk Assistant staff and the administrative functions of a Residence Hall or Apartment Community front desk. Des Directors assist the Residence Life Coordinators (RLCs) with hiring and training Desk Assistants, scheduling desk shifts, managing desk inventory, performing key audits, etc. Desk Assistants also serve as a Desk Assistant during regularly scheduled shift times. The Desk Director position is reserved for current Residence Life student staff members who want to step into an elevated leadership role within the department.


Residence Hall Association (RHA) Executive Board

The Residence Hall Association is a student-run organization that aims to meet the needs of the Mines community as an accessible resource, facilitating cross-campus connections, and promoting dynamic, student-led programming. Through its efforts, RHA strives to foster a positive and healthy campus community that pioneers social acceptance and encourages diverse ideas.

The RHA Executive Board is student-run and is comprised of elected, compensated positions. Positions include RHA President, Director of Business & Administration, NACURH Communications Coordinator, Director of Campus Engagement, Director of Programming, and Assistant Director of Programming. These positions work together to support the Community Councils within the Residence Halls and Community Councils. The RHA Executive Board represents Mines at a national and regional level, and seeks to serve and support students living on campus.

Campus Living Office (CLO)

The Campus Living Office employs students in a variety of capacities each academic year:

  • CLO Desk Assistants
  • Residence Life Intern – Special Projects
  • Residence Life Intern – Social Media and Marketing
  • Residence Life Intern – Operations Assistant

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