Housing and Dining Scholarship

Scholarships are offered each semester. Please review the procedures to complete the application in its entirety, and fill out the questionnaire at the link below, by the deadline for the term you are applying for.  

Application Instructions

Please open the application by clicking the button below. If you have questions, please reach out to Mary Elliott, Director of Housing and Residence Life.

Application Qualifications

Housing and Dining Scholarship Application Procedures – updated June 2021 

  • Qualified applicants are current Mines graduate or undergraduate students who live on-campus currently, or who apply to live on-campus in the upcoming term. 
  • Students living off-campus may qualify for a meal plan stipend but not housing funds. Off-campus students who need financial assistance for housing may seek other funds ​from the Office of Financial Aid or, in an emergency situation the Student Emergency Fund.  
  • Scholarship funds are intended to cover a portion of the student’s Mines housing or meal plan expenses and will be applied to the student account directly 
  • Award amounts will not exceed $2000 per term. 
  • Students applying for a term must be registered for classes for that term (for example, if you are not registered for summer classes, you are not eligible for summer scholarships).
  • Applications are due on the following dates for a scholarship to be granted for the upcoming term:
    • April 1: Summer term
    • July 1: Fall Semester
    • December 1: Spring Semester 
  • Applications should include a personal statement from the student to explain their need and requested housing or meal plan assistance amount, as well as a personal budget showing all income and expenses on a monthly or semesterly basis. Information about a student’s current employment, or an action plan to gain on- or off-campus employment is requested. 
  • Applications will be reviewed by a committee of Housing and Dining personnel as well as other Student Life Administrators.
  • Students may apply for scholarship for one term at a time, but are eligible for up to two scholarships (two different terms) an academic year. 

Scholarship Deadlines by Term

  • Scholarship for Fall term: July 1
  • Scholarship for Spring term: December 1
  • Scholarship for Summer term: April 1

Decisions will be made prior to the start of the academic session for which you are applying.


If you have questions or would like to reach out regarding this application please contact Mary Elliott, Director of Housing and Residence Life at mfelliot@mines.edu or 303-869-5522.