Moving to Campus

The Mines Community is so excited to welcome you to campus community! Please check your email address for important information regarding move-In! We will be sending you information very soon. 

Fall 2018 Dates

For Move-In Day (August 14 for TLC members and August 16 for all first-year students) please prepare a bit to ensure that your move-in day is as smooth as possible.

You will check in at your Residence Hall. When you pull up to the unloading zone near your hall, your car will be approached by student volunteers who are excited to welcome you to campus. They will help to unload your vehicle and will take your items directly to your new room. You will go to your check in point and get the keys to your room, some paperwork that is important to complete and a few other items.

Meanwhile, the folks who came with you will stay with the vehicle while it is being unloaded. After the vehicle is unloaded the car will immediately be moved to long term parking. You will reunite with the folks who brought you and then head to your room. Your things will likely be waiting for you, or they will be coming soon after.

To help this process run smoothly for everyone on campus (remember that 1200+ students are moving in!) it takes everyone doing their part. We will be working hard on our end, but there are a few things you can do to help:

  1. Label every bag/box/large item/etc. with your Name, Building and Room Number clearly written in large, black marker. e.g., Mines Student, Morgan 313. This will ensure that your belongings are reunited with you in your room!
  2. Someone (not you, the student) needs to remain with your vehicle while it is being unloaded and then immediately move it to long term parking. We will send information out about where unloading will take place and where long term parking is located for your residence hall
  3. Communicate with your roommates ahead of time! That will make everything much, much easier on move in day and beyond.
  4. Come ready to have a good day! It is an exciting day full of new experiences. This can be overwhelming. Take your time and breathe. This is the first day, no one has a perfect first day.


Fall 2018

Dear New Students and Families,

The Department of Residence Life is very excited to welcome you to campus and your new home here in August. My name is Mary Elliott and I serve Mines as the Director of Residence Life and Housing. I will be working this summer to communicate the housing process to you all. As you may have read in earlier communications, we are making arrangements in the residence halls to accommodate a larger class size this year. This is exciting news and we’re so happy to have so many fabulous students coming this fall, it also means that we are working to place this large class into our housing on campus. We have changed many of our double rooms into triple rooms in all of our halls so that each student has a place to stay here on campus.  All of our first-year students received this email and will continue to receive communication from me, via your email address throughout the summer. While these changes in room capacity are necessary, I know that they come with some anxiousness and possible disappointment if it’s not what you were expecting. I hope that you can understand this change is necessary so that every new Oredigger has a space in our halls.

Each student will get a space in a closet, a dresser (3 drawers), a desk and a place to lay their head. Many of our beds will be bunked in triple rooms, and each of our bed frames allows you the flexibility to move the mattresses around to create more space.

We know that coming to college is a huge transition. Moving away from your home is an adventure and a challenge. Having three roommates, when you were getting used to the idea of sharing a bedroom with one other person, is a challenge also. My intention is to be as transparent as possible while we work through the process of finding spaces for all of you. If I know Orediggers at all, I know that you are problem solvers and that you’re not afraid of a challenge, and I hope that you can see this as an opportunity to meet more people and build even more relationships with your classmates here at Mines

Again, we will do our very best to be as communicative with you as possible and we are grateful for your flexibility and welcome attitude as you meet your new roommates.


Mary F. Elliott
Director of Residence Life