Moving to Campus

The Mines Community is so excited to welcome you to campus community! Please check your email address for important information regarding move-In! We will be sending you information very soon. 

Fall 2018 Dates

For Move-In Day (August 14 for TLC members and August 16 for all first-year students) please prepare a bit to ensure that your move-in day is as smooth as possible.

You will check in at your Residence Hall. When you pull up to the unloading zone near your hall, your car will be approached by student volunteers who are excited to welcome you to campus. They will help to unload your vehicle and will take your items directly to your new room. You will go to your check in point and get the keys to your room, some paperwork that is important to complete and a few other items.

Meanwhile, the folks who came with you will stay with the vehicle while it is being unloaded. After the vehicle is unloaded the car will immediately be moved to long term parking. You will reunite with the folks who brought you and then head to your room. Your things will likely be waiting for you, or they will be coming soon after.

To help this process run smoothly for everyone on campus (remember that 1200+ students are moving in!) it takes everyone doing their part. We will be working hard on our end, but there are a few things you can do to help:

  1. Label every bag/box/large item/etc. with your Name, Building and Room Number clearly written in large, black marker. e.g., Mines Student, Morgan 313. This will ensure that your belongings are reunited with you in your room!
  2. Someone (not you, the student) needs to remain with your vehicle while it is being unloaded and then immediately move it to long term parking. We will send information out about where unloading will take place and where long term parking is located for your residence hall
  3. Communicate with your roommates ahead of time! That will make everything much, much easier on move in day and beyond.
  4. Come ready to have a good day! It is an exciting day full of new experiences. This can be overwhelming. Take your time and breathe. This is the first day, no one has a perfect first day.