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Living on campus is not only a rite of passage – it’s also one of the best ways to ensure your success. Being a Mines student is definitely a team sport and living on campus helps you build your team and that team will help put you on the path to earning a college degree and graduating into a meaningful life. You’ll make lifelong friends, meet study partners, and dive headfirst into campus life. Being a college student is a lot of work but it’s also pretty great. We are here to make sure that you have the best possible stay on your college journey.
First Year Residence Halls

Click through the options below to learn all about the different Residence Hall options we have for first years!

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Elm Hall
Elm Hall is one of the newest residence Halls on campus! Elm features co-ed floors with both gendered community-style restrooms and individual restrooms. Elm Hall is connected to the main Dining Hall, Mines Market, and is close to Maple Hall, Spruce Hall, and Weaver Towers. Every floor of Elm Hall has a kitchen, laundry room, and several study rooms! Click to learn more!
Maple Hall
Maple Hall consists of Jack-and-Jill style rooms. Students have the option to live in singles, doubles, or triples and share the restroom with one other room of students. Floors are co-ed and the main floor has a large community kitchen, often filled with students cooking or participating in programs.

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Traditional Halls
The Traditional Halls, most often referred to as the TRADS, consist of four separate residence halls, Morgan, Thomas, Bradford, and Randall. The TRADS share community spaces and a front desk, but each hall has its own kitchen, laundry room, and bike lockers. Click to learn more about the rad TRADS!
Spruce Hall
Spruce Hall is the newest residence hall on campus, housing students for the first time in Fall 2020! Spruce offers singles, doubles, and triples and has co-ed single-stall community restrooms. Each floor has its own kitchen and active lounge as well as multiple study nooks and community rooms. Click here to learn more!
Weaver Towers
Weaver Towers is a suite-style residence hall where 5 rooms are joined by a living area and two restrooms. Each suite has 5 rooms (either singles or doubles) that are single-gendered. Click to learn more!
Upper class Housing Options

Upper-class students are encouraged to continue living on campus at Mines. To allow for more freedom most upper-class students will have the option to live in apartment housing, with the exception of some rooms reserved in Maple Hall.

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Maple Hall
Students will have the option to continue living in a traditional residence hall as Sophomore. Maple Hall is the only residence hall that allows First and Second-year students. Click here to learn more about Maple Hall!
1750 Jackson

1750 Jackson is the first (and only) all Sophomore Residence Hall at Mines! 1750 Jackson offers the freedom of apartment living, while still having RAs and campus amenities.1750 Jackson is located one block from campus and offers studios and two- and three-bedroom apartments with options for single and double rooms. Click to learn more!

Mines Park

Mines Park is composed of 25 buildings where students can live on campus, without being on campus. Mines Park is run and operated by Colorado School of Mines. The apartments are a short 10-minute walk from campus and offer communities for families, international students, and graduate students. Click here to learn more about Mines Park!

Places you can live at Mines!

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