Provided Furniture

Provided Furniture

Depending on the size and type of room, each resident is typically provided with a desk, desk chair, drawers/closet space, side table, or bookshelf, a bed with an extra-long mattress, as well as recycle and trash bins.

All first year rooms, 1750 Jackson, and selected apartments in Mines Park come furnished with the below furniture. Color and style may vary slightly.


Furniture Measurements


Loft/Bunkable Twin XL


1 per student

Side Table

1 per student


1 per room


1 per student

Bed rail is 56 inches tall
Mattress is 6.5 inches thick

Desk (hole in back for cables):
32 inches wide
2 feet long
30 inches tall

Desk pull-out surface:
30 inches wide
13.5 inches long

Desk internal shelf:
Starts 13 inches into desk
9 inches long
30 inches wide
15.5 inches tall

Side table:
2 feet long
17 inches wide
30 inches tall

Side table drawer (can be locked with padlock):
6.5 inches tall
21.5 inches long
14.5 inches wide

Side table cubby (hole in back for cables):
22 inches long
17 inches tall
15 inches wide

Side table pull-out surface:
15 inches wide
13.5 inches long

Bookshelf + top surface:
30 inches tall
2 feet wide
9 inches deep


Drawers + top surface:
2 feet long
29 inches wide
30 tall

Drawers (×3) dimensions:
7.5 inches tall
21 inches long
26.5 inches wide


Desk Chair

1 per student

The chair will either be 2 position or stationary

Waste Bins

1 Recycling Bin/ room
1 Trash Bin/ student

Recycling & Trash Bins:
28 QT
15 inches tall