Residence Hall Association (RHA)

The Residence Hall Association aims to meet the needs of the Mines community as an accessible resource, facilitating cross-campus connections, and promoting dynamic, student-led programming. Through its efforts, RHA strives to foster a positive and healthy campus community that pioneers social acceptance and encourages diverse ideas.


Meetings are on Mondays at 6 PM in the Maple Community Room.
2019-2020 Executive Board


President Justin Stadelmaier (
NACURH Communications Coordinator

Carmen Sanchez (

Office Hours: Friday 11-12 pm, RHA Office

Director of Business

James Talbott (

Office Hours: Wednesday 10-11 am, Periodic Table

Director of Programming

Bailey Mullett (

Office Hours: Thursday 2-3 pm, RHA Office

Director of Campus Communications

Nathan Brown (

Office Hours: Monday 4-5 pm, RHA Office

Assistant Director of Programming

Hayden Cooreman (

Office Hours: Wednesday 2:30-3:30pm, RHA Office

Assistant Director of Programming

Will Alexander (

Office Hours: Wednesday 1-2 pm, RHA Office

Advisor Sam Ralston (
Co-Advisor Emily Moren (



















RHA Office is located in Room 129 in Maple Hall