1750 Jackson

Picture Yourself at 1750 Jackson

Picture This: Orediggers living in proximity to everything!

Residence Life’s first building dedicated to second-year undergraduate housing. View our feature snapshots and take a closer look at your newest home on-campus!

1750 Jackson Housing Timeline


  • View the 2021-2022 Sophomore Undergraduate Housing Presentation
  • 1750 Jackson Application Available through the Housing Portal on Trailhead:
    • Saturday, February 1, 2021 – Wednesday, February 3, 2021
    • Applicants will be selected through a lottery based process to receive a timeslot to self-select their housing assignment in 1750 Jackson
      • If an applicant selected through the lottery process has confirmed roommates within a Roommate Group, those applicants will also be pulled-in and receive their own timeslot to self-select their own housing assignment
  • 1750 Jackson Contract Dates
    • August 1, 2021 – May 31, 2022
    • The building will remain open for the entire academic year (including Winter, Thanksgiving, Fall, and Spring Break)

Application Timeframe

The application for sophomore undergraduate housing in 1750 Jackson will open at 10 AM MST on Mon., Feb. 1, and remain open through 11:59 PM MST on Wed., Feb. 3. Applicants are selected through a lottery process. When you apply does not matter as long as it is within the application timeframe. Application processes are NOT first-come, first-serve.

Current Resident Contact Information
  • For additional assistance, please visit the 1750 Jackson Front Desk between 8 am – 7 pm – Monday-Friday or call 303-869-5200
  • Bryttani Watson, Residence Life Coordinator for 1750 Jackson:  303-869-5531

Proposed 1750 Jackson Rates – 2021-2022

All rates are per person per semester. The following rates have NOT been finalized by the Board of Trustees for the 2021-2022 academic year and are subject to change until approved.

Private Studio – $7,054.00 per person per semester

Two-Bedroom Unit – Double Room – $5,748.00 per person per semester

Three-Bedroom Unit – Single Room – $6,402.00 per person per semester

Three-Bedroom Unit – Double Room – $5,748.00 per person per semester

Snapshot of 1750 Jackson
    • 360 Residents
    • Fully furnished units with bathroom(s) and kitchen*:
      • Studio Unit*: 1 person with 1 bed/1 bathroom (*no oven included in the kitchen of studio units)
      • Two-Bedroom Unit: 4 people with 2 double bedrooms/2 bathrooms
      • Three-Bedroom Unit: 4 people with 1 double bedroom/2 single bedrooms/2 bathrooms
    • Neighborhood living option
      • Applicants can request to live with and near 11 other friends!
    • No meal plan required
      • Voluntary/commuter meal plans available
      • Close proximity to Safeway
    • A 10-month academic year housing contract
      • August 1 – May 31
      • No contract renewals
      • Sophomore undergraduate residents only
      • The building will remain open during winter break
    • Limited parking in a covered garage
      • Lottery based through Parking Services
    • Fitness area
    • Outdoor courtyards
    • On-site laundry
    • Common areas on each floor include social lounges, study areas & nooks
    • Bike & locker storage
    • Front desk lobby & lounge
    • Centrally located near downtown Golden, campus & across the street from several businesses
Neighborhoods at 1750 Jackson

You and up to 11 friends can request to live with/near each other in a “neighborhood” setting!

    • Within the application, a Roommate Group will need to be created with each member added to the group before the application closes.
    • Each person must complete a 1750 Jackson housing application before they can be searched for and added to the Roommate Group.
    • Applicants may return to the Roommate Group section of the application as many times as needed during the application timeframe (February 1-3).
  • If one person from your neighborhood is selected in the housing lottery process, then all confirmed neighbors will also be pulled in for the assignment selection process.
    • Each member of the neighborhood will be receive a specific timeslot to self-select their own room assignment.
    • It is the responsibility of each individual to select their own room assignment and sign their contract during their designated timeslot.
  • Communication between all members of a neighborhood is highly encouraged during the timeslot/self-selection process to ensure everyone knows who intends to live together in which room/unit type and to ensure all units are selected near each other for the “neighborhood” setting.


Month Academic Year Contract (August 1-May 31 - Open During Winter Break)

Required Meal Plans

Friends Can Request to Live Near Each Other within a Jackson Neighborhood

1750 Jackson
Unit Layouts

Furnished units with full kitchens*


Studio: 1 person with 1 bed and bathroom

*Studio Unit Kitchens do NOT have an oven

Studio Unit Layout






Two-Bedroom Unit

Two-bedroom Units: 4 people with 2 double bedrooms and 2 bathrooms

Jackson Two-Bedroom Unit Layout 






Three-Bedroom Unit

Three-bedroom Units: 4 people with 1 double bedroom, 2 single bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms 

Jackson Three-Bedroom Unit Layout 






A Look at Jackson's Features

A Campus Apartment-Residence Hall Hybrid in Close Proximity to Downtown Golden, Local Businesses, Dining, and Classrooms


PICTURE THIS: You and up to 11 friends can request to live near each other in a “neighborhood” setting!

You will still confirm immediate roommate(s) within your unit, but you will also have the opportunity to request additional friends to live on your “block” in units that are located near you. 





Social Hall


Outdoor Courtyards


Study Nooks


Reception Lobby



On-Site Laundry

Close Proximity to Safeway, Campus Classrooms & Downtown Golden!

What is included in rent?

Mines pays for water, sewer, electric and gas, public area lighting, trash removal, snow removal, and wired or wireless connection to the Mines network.

Are cooking and cleaning supplies provided?

No. This is an apartment, students should be prepared to clean up and provide materials for their own space.  Common areas outside the front door will be cleaned by custodial (hallways, stairwells, laundry, gym, etc.) 

Beyond the appliances, all cooking utensils need to be provided by the students. Only the furniture is furnished. students should talk between roommates about who is bringing what to complete the apartment.

Can I get a parking permit?

There is limited parking in the attached parking garage. A lottery will be run at the beginning of each academic year for the residents. In addition to the garage parking, students will be able to buy a parking pass for campus parking. More information about parking can be found here or by contacting Parking Services at parking@mines.edu

What kind of floors do the units have?
How can I hang things on the walls?

Please only use tacks and blue painter’s tape. No command strips or sticky tac is allowed. 

If you would like to add darkening shades/curtains, you can however, any damage will be the responsibility of the student. 


I am unable to connect to the wireless internet. What should I do?

If you are having trouble using your computer to access the internet on the Mines wireless network, or if you think that a wired ethernet port in your apartment is not working, contact IT&S through the Mines Help Center

Do the apartments come furnished?

Yes! The apartments come with the following furniture: 

One of the following is provided for each occupant in the apartment

  • Loftable and Bunkable Twin Extra Long Bed
    • Dimensions: Height 60″ x Length 80″ x Width 36″
  • Three Drawer Chest
    • Dimensions: Height 30″ x Width 30″ x Depth 24″
  • Desk 
  • Desk Chair

The following is provided in the shared space: 

  • Couch
  • Chair 
  • Coffee Table
  • Media Table
  • Bartop Height Table with chairs for 4

​Each apartment can be configured to fit the needs of the student, if there is a roommate, please agree to any changes or additions before decisions are made. 

All furniture must stay in the unit, If items are stored other than the bedroom, they will need to have an agreement with all roommates on the location of the stored furniture in the unit


What kitchen appliances are included?

The following is provided for each apartment:

  • Refrigerators
    • 30″ in 2 and 3 bedroom units
    • 25″ in Studios
  • Stove/Oven*
    • 30″ stove/oven in 2 and 3 bedroom units
    • *2 burner cooktop and no oven in Studio
  • Over the range microwave
  • Dishwashers
    • 24″ in 2 and 3 bedroom units
    • 18″ in Studios
  • Counter and Cabinet Space vary however, there is under and over counter storage in addition to the adjacent storage closet. 

Additional small countertop appliances are allowed.

Do the apartments have storage units?

​Each 2 and 3 bed unit will have access to a locker in located in the parking garage

Are window air conditioners or satellite dishes allowed?

No. However, you may purchase a portable floor model air conditioner to be used in your unit. Under no circumstances are any objects allowed to hang or protrude outside of the apartment windows.

Is any type of smoking allowed?

No. The Apartments and building are strictly smoke-free. This includes hookahs and any other smoking devices. Smoking must be done 25 feet away from any Mines building.

Are pets allowed?

No. The only exception is harmless aquatic life kept in appropriate domains, not to exceed 10 gallons. 

Jackson Addresses

Mailing Address
Recipient’s Full Name*
1750 Jackson Street
Unit #____
Golden, CO 80401

Physical Address
1750 17th Street
Golden, CO 80401

*Please do NOT include CSM on the mail as it will be redirected to the mail distribution center

Sophomore Housing Options

1750 Jackson is one of three* sophomore housing options for the academic year! Learn more about Maple Hall and Mines Park Apartments. Depending on COVID-19, Maple Hall may not be used for sophomores in Fall 2021.

View the 2021-2022 Sophomore Housing Timeline & Application Process