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Spruce Hall 5th

The Honors Explore Floor is “community by design,” where students in the Thorson First-Year Honors Experience build strong connections by exploring the interconnections of the arts, sciences, and technology. Designing for a community allows for autonomy, self-expression, and broader understanding of the people involved. Go beyond the topics of the IDEAS class and engage with the local community through events and activities that get you out into the world!



As a result of living in the Honors Explore TLC, residents will…

  • Discover shared interests and passions alongside fellow Thorson students, TAs and Faculty, taking the time to find what’s fun and motivates your further engagement with the Thorson community and the IDEAS coursework!
  • Engage with fellow Thorson students and TAs outside of the classroom to expand your support and project-development network within the class, broaden your perspectives, and forge life-long connections that enrich your college, life, and career experiences. 
  • Demonstrate a strong sense of growth in sense of self, place, and how your individual actions impact the broader community. 
  • Recognize what opportunities and events the Mines and the greater Golden/Denver communities have to offer their residents and visitors, and develop a relationship with some of the leaders and participants in those opportunities to grow a deeper understanding of how those opportunities develop and what the challenges are in designing for a community.
  • Develop lasting connections across the campus and local community through partnerships with staff, faculty, and Golden community members in order to have an extended support network and a better ability to identify and fully appreciate stakeholder interests when designing for a community.

Thorson First-Year Honors Program

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Email Spruce Hall RLC, Nick Dokkin, at nickdokkin@mines.edu

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