Oredigger Leadership Community

The Oredigger Leadership Community (OLC) engages students who want to learn valuable leadership techniques and have a chance to apply them to the on-campus and surrounding community. Students will be given the opportunity to learn skills to succeed and stretch their comfort zone so they can lead with their knowledge, skills, and integrity in the future.  


Community Vision: to connect different leadership styles, as identified by the “Path-Goal” leadership theory, into one cohesive unit.  


Community Mission: The mission of this community is to for exploration of leadership within the context of who each person is; Leadership is not defined by a position or role one is placed in, but rather heavily influenced by their lived experiences. 


Possible Activities: Food pantry volunteering, highway clean-up, time management and graduate school workshops, Career Center programming, leadership focused book club, community service engagements.

2019-2020 Theme Learning Communities