Visual and Performing Arts Community

Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) students engage the right side of their brain through a variety of art based programs. In the fall, students will connect with like-minded individuals by participating in the VPA Showcase. Current and past members of VPA perform and submit artwork to the showcase creating a networking opportunity and engaging opportunity for all involved. In the spring, students will use the experience of the VPA Showcase to help organize, set up and run the Southside Showcase, a large scale campus wide talent show. Students also have various opportunities to attend local performances, visit local galleries and experience the Golden art community. 

This engagement will not only broaden students’ horizons regarding the arts but will also enhance the Mines community by providing additional opportunities for all Mines students to become engaged in the arts as well. This community welcomes artists of all art forms and folks who enjoy engaging with the arts.

Possible Activities: Community Art Nights, Trips to the Foothills Arts Center, VPA Showcase, Southside Showcase, opportunities to attend a variety of shows and performances – ranging from the local stage to Broadway shows. Visits to the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and the Denver Art Museum.

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