Adventure Leadership Community

Faculty Friend:

Austin Dyer

Director of Outdoor Recreation

About Austin.

Austin Dyer has worked in the outdoor industry for years. He got his start working for the Outdoor Recreation Program at Texas State University and quickly found his passion for the field. After leaving Texas, Austin worked for Colorado Mountain School where he developed his mountain craft and worked to develop a strategic plan for the future success of CMS. All the while, he knew he wanted to work in higher education, but knew he had to obtain a master’s degree to do so. He eventually left Colorado to attend Auburn University. He studied Administration of Higher education and worked as a graduate assistant in the Outdoor Program there. From there, he made it back to Colorado, working for the University of Colorado Denver where he started the outdoor program from scratch. After years of working there and developing a successful program, Austin is now Directing the Outdoor Recreation Center here at the School of Mines. His work helps to create a signature experience for Mines Students, Faculty, and Staff.

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Learning Outcomes

Students in the Adventure Leadership Community will…

  • gain an appreciation for the outdoors, specifically focusing on the protection and safety of our global environment; 
  • encourage leadership, teamwork, and a positive campus presence via outdoor activities and stewardship involvement in the greater Golden community; 
  • develop oneself and their support system at Mines; 
  • establish a community beyond the first-year through establishing a support network of inter-class relationships as both mentee and mentor for the community; 
  • develop a shared sense of community through exploring new leadership initiatives and activities, and encouraging others to be in a “growth zone”.