Survivor Response Training

Learn to compassionately respond to survivors of sexual violence within our campus context

Survivor Response Training Learning Outcomes include:

  1. Recognize the unique environment of institutions of higher education
  2. Understand social norms and dynamics that influence victimization in society, on college campuses
  3. Challenge popular myths regarding sexual assault and interpersonal violence
  4. Understand consent and how power dynamics influence consent
  5. Understand some typical perpetrator dynamics
  6. Understand some typical survivor dynamics and how trauma and trauma-informed responses affect survivors
  7. Learn campus and community resources
  8. Learn policies that impact and guide us
  9. How to compassionately work with survivors within the framework of our mandatory reporting requirement
  10. Learn campus processes
  11. Build skills through practice with example scenarios

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If you have questions about Survivor Response Training, please contact our office.