AJAMultiDep-1-scaled AJA UHV Multi-Technique Deposition System


CoorsTek 040-B


Alex Dixon – agdixon@mines.edu

Instrument Details

Ultra High Vacuum thin film deposition system with a 6 pocket e-beam source, 5 magnetron sputtering sources, and an ion  gun source.   The e-beam system uses 15cc crucibles with motorized indexing and a 5 kW high voltage power supply with integral sweep control. The sputtering system uses 2″ wafers, including one with a retractable bellows allowing for a < 3″ substrate to target working distance. It has 2 750 W DC generators and 3 300 W RF generators to allow for simultaneous deposition from multiple sources. The system also features integral gas injector to allow for reactive sputtering.  System fits up to 4″ diameter substrates and can perform sample heating up to 800 C,and contains an isolated oxidation chamber.

microscope1 AJA UHV Multi-Technique Deposition System

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