The University provides various mechanisms to assist and encourage individuals to come forward in good faith with reports or concerns, regardless of whether the individual is personally involved in the matter. The following are the links to the reporting mechanisms in place for students for various types of issues. The SpeakUP@Mines reporting may be used for any of these reports as well or for topics not listed here.

Type of Report Example Reporting
Distressed or disruptive behavior
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Change in personal hygiene
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Heightened emotional response
  • Self-harm, behaviors, expressed suicidal thoughts,
  • Drugs and alcohol abuse
Environmental Health & Safety
  • Unsafe lab conditions or behaviors
  • Environmental problem
  • Safety suggestion
EHS Safety Concern Report Form
Research Misconduct or Academic Fraud
  • Misuse of sponsored funds
  • Breach of policies
  • Plagiarism
  • Falsification or fabrication of results
  • Departure from accepted practices
Policy governs reporting to the Research Integrity Officer (RIO).
Sexual Harassment or Violence
  • Sexual assault, harassment, or discrimination
  • Stalking
  • Domestic Violence against an employee or student

Policy governs reporting.

Reports may be made to Title IX personnel, as listed on the Title IX webpage.

Student Code of Conduct Violation

Any situation where students conduct…

  • Presents a danger to health and safety of sale or others
  • Impinges upon the rights of self or others, or
  • Is detrimental to the educational mission and/or interest of Mines
The Code governs reporting to the Dean of Students.



Student Complaint Process



Specific or General…

  • Discrimination
  • Sexual Violence

Regardless, the student should begin with the Student Life Office if interested in making any complaint.

Contact the Office of Student Life at 303-273-3231 or Students may also report a complaint anonymously through SpeakUp@Mines.