STS Underground

This group aims to discover and refine what it means to approach mining, burial, and subterranean exploration from an STS (science, technology, and society) perspective. We are interested in how questions about extraction and burial are posed and deliberated, the politics of the technologies and infrastructures that support subterranean work, and how the consequences of extraction and burial are addressed. Underlying each of these areas are issues of knowledge, expertise and power that STS is uniquely positioned to explore.

On this website you will find information about our workshops (2017 Colorado School of Mines, 2018 Australia, 2020 Germany), the organizers, our network of scholars, and available resources, including bibliographies and syllabi. The 2017 and 2018 workshops were generously funded by the Science, Technology and Society Program at the National Science Foundation (Award 1632651).



sts underground special issue of


Engaging Science, Technology, and Society


We are pleased to share a special thematic collection of papers on mapping and modeling from our 2017 STS Underground workshop.

The introduction and all articles are available open access from the journal.

Click for Table of Contents, with links to pdf downloads.