About SAIL

Mission Statement

The Office of SAIL provides an environment for students to test new ideas, develop leadership skills and create community at Mines, while advocating for and affirming their identities. Through co-curricular opportunities and experiences such as student organizations, events, Greek Life, new and transfer student transition, civic engagement and leadership development, students gain invaluable skills and experiential knowledge that they will continue to develop during their time on campus and beyond as future leaders.

Vision Statement

The Office of SAIL promotes student success by supporting the development of one’s whole self via co-curricular growth opportunities.  We enhance student learning through social, cultural, and community engagement and leadership programs.  Through a variety of involvement opportunities, we strive to instill the following:

  • An awareness of self and others
  • The development of social and leadership skills
  • A sense of service and citizenship
  • The development of critical thinking skills
  • The importance of being inclusive
  • The value of living a purposeful life

Values Statement

  • Collaboration is fostered through outreach and partnerships across our student groups, the Division of Student Life, Colorado School of Mines, and the greater community;
  • Inclusion is evident in the affirmation of identities within the context of mutual respect;
  • Excellence is cultivated through the diligent effort of both the individual and collective, to be satisfied with no less than the highest goals we can envision;
  • Engagement is demonstrated through active conversations and bringing awareness and community building to the forefront of quality experiences and involvement;
  • Leadership is inspired at all levels through guidance and reflection by creating new opportunities for personal and professional development that will benefit the Mines community and transcend beyond their college career;
  • Innovation is promoted through designing and supporting programing that fosters student expression, encourages disruptive thinking, and applauds experimentation

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will live responsibly as part of their interactions with SAIL.  This will be demonstrated through sound financial responsibility and thoughtful risk management planning for their organizations activities.
  • Students will engage with their community as part of their interactions with SAIL.  This will be evidenced by articulating knowledge of existing involvement opportunities; active participation with 1-2 organizations, and participation in a leadership role and recruiting new students.
  • Students will ignite curiosity by actively seeking out experiences through membership in student organizations and communities, engaging in the signature student experience through campus wide programming and traditions, exploring new interests. Students will exhibit growth and curiosity through further involvement, self and community exploration,  and the pursuit of greater leadership opportunities.

Contact Us

Ben Parker Student Center
1200 16th Street Suite E120
Golden, CO 80401

  Hours: 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m.