Lead at Mines

Leadership at Mines is built on a foundation of intentionality and collaboration with great care taken to develop the whole student and their ability to be thoughtful, self-aware visionaries in the engineering and applied science fields. We challenge students to explore their leadership potential as they develop effective methods for communication and problem solving through their co-curricular involvements and through balance in their educational pursuits. Facilitated by a range of programs, specifically designed for Mines students, we encourage them to test and practice the tenets of leadership; inspiring those around them, striving for excellence in their personal lives, their professions and as contributing citizens in their communities.

We offer students the opportunity to acquire new leadership skills or refine existing ones through these campus opportunities:

Leadership Workshop Series

Open to all students interested in enhancing their leadership abilities.

Leadership Summit

Registration opens December 3rd!

Leadership Class: CSM350

A 3-credit, general elective course for active community leaders to explore their potential.