When a department wishes to give out gift cards to students

If you are requesting a gift card for a non-Mines’ affiliated student or as part of a human research subject confidential award from a grant, please go to MAPS and use the Gift card request option on their site.

If you are requesting a gift card for a Mines’ affiliated student and not as an award for a human research subject grant, please do the following:

  • Send an email to
  • On the email include: index to use, financial manager authorization to purchase the gift cards, names and email addresses of awardees, amount and gift card vendor for each awardee, and the reason for the award


  • Gift cards get reported to financial aid and payroll
  • Reason for award must be reasonable and specified on the email
  • Gift cards can not be issued as compensation for any kind of work performed
  • Peer mentor programs are considered departments under these provisions as they are not student organizations

When a student organization wishes to give gift cards to students

    • Amount of award cannot exceed $50
    • Organization must obtain permission from Begona Ruiz ( before advertising, promising or attempting to secure gift cards, as the financial manager for all student organizations’ indexes
    • After obtaining permission, name and email address of student receiving the award needs to be send to as well
    • 1 form per student/gift card (use the form linked below)
    • Gift cards are usually permitted for events/competitions open to all of Mines’ students and in a number and amount that is reasonable considering the size and number of participants in the event
      • Covid exception: during Fall 2020, Spring 2021 and Fall 2021, attendance drawings are permitted for organizations to incentivize engagement and participation – the amount of these incentives is suggested to be around $15 or less and not to exceed $30 and can be done weekly for attendees of regular club meetings. 1 awardee per week.

To request a gift card, fill out the SAIL Gift Card Request Form and email it to