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Each year, organizations are expected to register their organization to ensure that the SAIL office has the most up to date information regarding the organization and to ensure that the organization undergoes required training for the new year. Re-registration for the 2024-2025 school year is OPEN. Please review all information below on transitions and re-registration.

Dates and important information:
  • Officer Transitions- Ideally, all outgoing and incoming executive board members should be meeting collectively and individually with their respective position to go through an officer transition. A Transition Handbook has been created to help guide the conversations, topics, and information that should be shared during a transition meeting. If you would like to discuss further strategies please email Audrey Weber at SAIL recommends you save all of this information in a Teams Group or Organization Google Drive. 
  • Bylaw Review-During your officer transition meeting, you should collectively be reviewing your organization’s bylaws. SAIL requires bylaws to be reviewed yearly and submitted with your re-registration form. You can review the SAIL-Sample-Bylaws 2024-2025 school year here. There are changes to the bylaws from SAIL so please make sure you review and add these changes to your own. If the required changes are not made, your re-registration will be denied.  If you have any questions on these, please email or
  • Re-registration– All organizations are required to re-register with the SAIL office yearly. Re-registration is a SAIL form that includes notifying the SAIL Office of the new incoming leadership, submitting updated and reviewed bylaws, inventory checklists, and sharing login information to archive for future leadership of your organization. Re-registration must be accepted by SAIL, or the organization will go inactive and will lose all club and organization benefits including access to funding. Re-registration for 2024-2025 should be completed during transitions but will close on August 31, 2024. If there is no re-registration form submitted before the summer, please be aware that the primary contact from 2023-2024 will continue to receive information for the club until that is updated. The form can be found here.
  • Fall Summit Student Organization Leadership Training– All Organizations are required to send at least one representative from their organization to Fall Summit, however, typically the President and Treasurer attend. Fall Summit reviews all SAIL and Mines policies, procedures, treasurer training, and strategies for club functioning. The BSO roundtable is also during this time and is a required event for all Tiers. Fall Summit will be held on September 7th. More information will be shared by mid-Summer. There are no exceptions to missing this event, there are no make-ups, and attendance will be taken at all sessions. If the president cannot attend, the president is responsible for sending in a proxy from the organization. This proxy is responsible for relaying all information to the president and organization they are representing. It is the responsibility of the organization to ensure they are familiar with and understand all policies and procedures.

If you have any questions about this process, please email




SAIL Event Requirements:

  • Event Approval: All registered student organizations are required to submit their event request for all events whether in-person or virtual, on or off campus, with the exception of executive board meetings, through the SAIL ticketing system to be approved by the SAIL office.
    • If your event does not require a contract then at least one week in advance of the event.
    • If your event does require a contract(s) then at least four weeks in advance of the event or four weeks from the first payment due to a vendor, whichever comes first.
    • If you are traveling (spending the night anywhere or leaving the state), you will fill out a travel ticket instead.

Your event is not approved from SAIL until it has been approved via SAIL Ticket

    • You must first reserve a spaces on campus for your event then submit your event for SAIL approval. Receiving a space confirmation is not equivalent to receiving approval from the SAIL office; you still must submit your event via the ticket system and receive SAIL approval prior to proceeding with the event.
    • If your event is off campus, simply put the address of the off campus location. 
    • Recurring Meetings: Recurring meetings can be submitted all at once for approval as a recurring event on the ticket system. Once approved, all occurrences are approved.
  • Advertising: Organization meetings and events must be advertised through two campus-wide platform such as the Daily Blast, the university wide calendar or flyers posted around campus and must be advertised with at least three days notice.
    • All event advertisements must include instructions on how to arrange accessible accommodations.
    • If choosing to advertise with flyers, the flyer must receive SAIL approval. Email a digital version of your flyer to the SAIL office at to be stamped.
    • Advertising only to organization members or closed server lists does not constitute sufficient advertising.
  • Accommodation Statement: All event advertising, whether through a flyer or another campus-wide platform, is required to include an accommodation statement. Below is an example you may use.
    • Example Statement: Mines welcomes individuals with disabilities. If you require an accommodation in order to participate in this event, please contact (event contact) by (date) at (contact information). Advance notice may be necessary to arrange for some accessibility needs.

Helpful Resources:

Website Training

To gain access to your website, Mines Communications and Marketing requires all Web Admins to be trained. Students may email to be sent a copy of the recording. The passcode is: RSOweb23-24. If you need additional help related to WordPress please email Karie Farr at For access issues, please email

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