• Continue to host your meetings during their regularly scheduled time via Zoom 
    • Use Zoom to schedule meetings, share your screen to share presentations or host your elections. 
      • Need some help getting started? Click here for a tutorial! 
  • Create a shared calendar to help keep track of important dates such as allocations, meeting times and elections. 

Coronavirus Updates: 

For the latest updates on Coronavirus and the Colorado School of Mines community, please visit the official website.  

Get Inspired: 

Most organizations are going through the same situation we are whether that be at other institutions or on a professional level.  There is nothing wrong with taking a look at these other social media pages to see how they are being managed.   

For example, if you are a basketball club you could look at the Denver Nuggets page to see what content they are posting.  Are they thinking outside the box?  If they are posting fun and engaging content on their social media channels, there is no reason you couldn’t apply the same principles to your account.   

Get Your Members Involved

Encourage your current members to get involved in your online community.  Chances are your members are on social media during this time frame and have been seeing interesting or funny videos, posts, etc. coming from their favorite websites that are relevant to your organization’s community.  Have them share these items on your channel. 

Host A Competition

It is likely that your members are bored and looking for something fun to do while self-quarantining and with all sorts of fun challenges circling the internet there is sure to be some competition you could create of your own.  For example have your art club could have a weekly drawing challenge, your theatre club could share monologues to showcase their performance skills, car club could post photos and vote for their favorite club member’s recent upgrades/features added to their vehicle.  

Give out prizes for winners to encourage participation on your site. Contact prior to offering prizes.  

Mix Up Your Content

It is always visually appealing for social media content to be a mix of text, photos, and videos.  The trick to engaging a wide population is to cater to them all by having each type of post available to your members to interact with.   

Conducting Club Business

  • Are you in need to pay for an invoice, purchase materials for your club, pay for an online competition fee, or start scheduling events for next fall?  
  • Does your organization need any equipment or software licenses to stay operative and facilitate access and inclusion for all of their members? 

  • Please, contact Begona Ruiz at for any questions or needs related to you club operations, purchase requests, and payments. 

Colorado School of Mines Resources

Jefferson County Public Library

Download the app Axis 360 

Other Things You Could Do

  • Do a puzzle 
  • Create a playlist for a friend 
  • Have a virtual book club/movie club/ show club 
  • Coloring books 
  • Recipe challenge 
  • Play online games with friends 
  • Home fitness challenge