Managing Prescription Medications

Your Prescription Medications: what you need to know

  1. ADHD medications
  2. All other medications


ADHD Medications


  1. Formal neuropsychological testing or an evaluation by a psychiatrist diagnosing ADD/ADHD within the past 5 years
  2. A current prescription, stating dose and details such as how many times per day the medication is taken

Once we have that information

  • You can schedule an appointment with a nurse practitioner for a medication refill
  • A controlled substance contract will be reviewed and signed
  • You can get a prescription for a ONE-MONTH supply of your medication

What We Will Do

  • Check your blood pressure and weight each month
  • Screen for problems with your current dose
  • Write a new prescription every 28 days as needed

What We Won’t Do

  • Re-write prescriptions that were lost/misplaced/ damaged/stolen
  • Refill early, unless we are making changes and titrating doses
  • Initiate medication treatment for ADD/ADHD

All other medication prescriptions

Non-ADD/ADHD Medications

  • Birth Control
  • Asthma meds
  • Acne meds
  • Blood Pressure meds
  • Anti-depressants
  • Others

What to do

  • Make an appointment to see a nurse practitioner for a medication refill
  • Bring in your pill bottle or pack
  • We may require notes from your physician or provider who prescribed this
  • We may need to arrange for lab testing or exams before refilling

We reserve the right to refuse to prescribe any medications. In these cases, we will arrange for you to consult with a physician or specialist. This mainly refers to controlled substances.

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