Immunization Requirements

Mandatory Immunization Requirements for Colorado School of Mines Students


  • Fall Semester Deadline – June 15
  • Spring Semester Deadline – December 15

ALL incoming students MUST submit the following required immunization information through the Mines Health Portal by the above deadlines.

In order to expedite your registration, please submit this information on the Mines Health Portal, which is accessed via Trailhead. Click here to view detailed directions on using the portal. If you are an incoming student, be sure to claim your Mines account first before accessing the Health Portal.


Required Information

  • MMR-Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccineTwo doses are required by the State of Colorado for all students born after 1/1/1957.  Both doses must be given no more than 4 days before the 1st birthday and at least 28 days apart.  Full dates of immunizations (month/day/year) are required and the document you upload should be in English. Please check with your physician, high school, previous university, county office, and/or military to obtain an official copy of your records.  You may provide a blood titer indicating proof of your immunity to Measles, Mumps and Rubella.  Medical, religious and personal exemptions are allowed by law; however, in the event of an outbreak, exempted persons may be subject to quarantine and exclusion from school.
  • TB Screening Questions: Please complete this required form on the Patient Health Portal. If testing is indicated, please upload results.
  • If living on campus: Proof of a Meningococcal ACWY vaccine (Menactra, MCV4, Menveo) given within the last 5 years must be documented on your immunization record.  If this time period will expire while living on campus, you may choose to receive a booster from your physician or the Student Health Center. Students living on campus will have a hold placed on their account 5 years after the date of the most recent Meningitis ACWY vaccine. Currently, Meningitis ACWY is required, not Meningitis B.  A waiver of this requirement is accepted by completing and uploading the Meningococcal Disease form.  
  • Consent to Treat: Parent/Guardian, please complete this form so that we may treat your student in the event of illness or injury if they are under age 18.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Student Athletes need to submit these forms?

Yes!  Student athletes participating in NCAA athletics must provide these forms to the Health Center through the Health Portal in addition to meeting the requirements of the CSM Athletics Department.  Athletics does not forward this information to the Health Center.

How should the forms be completed if the student is younger than 18 years of age?

All required forms will need to be signed by the parent/guardian.  Please also have a parent or guardian sign at the bottom of the “consent to treat”. Until this is signed (or the student turns 18), the student will be unable to receive treatment from the Health Center.  

What if I can’t provide proof of MMR immunization, even though I’ve had the vaccines?

Contact previous schools, your county offices, the military or previous health care providers to obtain immunization records. If proof of immunization cannot be obtained, there are two options: you may choose to obtain a blood titer to prove immunity to all three diseases (measles, mumps and rubella) or you may choose to receive both vaccines again.

What if I’ve never had an MMR vaccine, or if one was received before my first birthday?

You will need two valid MMR doses, all received no earlier than 4 days before your first birthday and at least 28 days between doses. If you are an enrolled and eligible student, MMRs are available at the Health Center.  Due to the recent Measles outbreak, it is highly recommended that you receive at least one MMR prior to your arrival at school.

What if I miss the deadline for form submission?

A hold may be placed on the student’s Trailhead account if forms are not submitted by the due date.  With a hold, students will be unable to register, add or drop classes or pull a transcript.

What if I have a more specific situation than mentioned here?

Please feel free to call the Health Center at 303-273-3381 with any questions—we are more than happy to help!