Current SHIP Students

AHP Live Care is a convenient way to get care!

$0 cost for all Colorado School of Mines students – regardless of the insurance you carry!!  With AHP Live Care, you can see providers 24/7 on your smartphone, tablet or computer. AHP Live Care is ideal for: Cough & Cold, Rash, Headaches, UTI, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Sinus Infection, Pink Eye, General Questions & more!

Download the Amwell app on iOS or Android or visit  Sign up or log in and use the service key and coupon code AHPFREE to access services at zero cost to you.  Be sure to select Colorado School of Mines SHIP for your insurance choice. Your subscriber number is your Campus Wide ID (CWID).  Questions email    Be sure to choose your location based on the state in which you are currently residing.

Available to all Colorado School of Mines Enrolled Students until 7/31/2020.

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AHP Live Care QTS

2020-21 SHIP Coverage will be with Anthem Student Health, utilizing the

Anthem PPO Network.   Cost for coverage for 8/1/20-8/1/21 will be $2450,

billed half ($1225) Fall semester and half ($1225) Spring semester.  The

enrollment/waiver period begins 7/15/20, and is accessed by visiting  


2019-20  SHIP Students

Communication with Academic Health Plans

(2019-20 Coverage is underwritten by National Guardian Life using the Cigna PPO network. Coverage is not with Cigna.)

Academic Health Plans preferred method of communication with students is via email.

Please go to select your school (make sure you select the Health plan) and click on the ID Card button. Create your account remembering your username and password and submit. You will receive a message stating that your account has been successfully created. Log In and you will be able to view, download and/or print your id card. It make take 24-48 hours before your card is activated.

If you experience any problems please call customer service at 1-800-756-3702.

To find in network providers, you can go to either and choose “find a doctor or hospital” or you can go to and choose “find a doctor or hospital.” Either link takes you to the same place. You do not have a Cigna log in, so choose the “not a Cigna Customer Yet” (in the top right quadrant) and choose “plan through your employer or school”.  Put in your location, choose the PPO option (at the bottom of the list) and enter the provider’s name you are checking on or type of care you want (dermatologist, cardiologist, etc.).  It should give you all the providers in a set number of miles.

If you are looking for behavioral health, it is the bottom left quadrant-“Cigna Behavioral Directory” and choose “provider directory” (second option on page). Scroll to the bottom and fill in the provider type,  choose Behavioral Health, and radius from your location.

The 1095-B Tax Form: Your unique health insurance verification

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act includes a requirement that many people have health insurance or pay a penalty. Compliance with this mandate is administered by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)*. The IRS requires health insurance companies to report the individuals they covered per tax year. The reports need to include Social Security Numbers (SSN) or International Tax Identification Numbers (ITIN) to distinguish unique individuals. Insurance companies are also required to give individuals a copy of what they have reported, in the form of a tax form called 1095B. *Information on this page shoud not be considered tax advice or guidance.

Instructions for downloading your 1095B from NGL are here

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Kathy Ebeling
Student Health Benefit Plan Coordinator
Student Wellness Center, #207