Does your Health Plan Measure Up?

Does your health plan measure up to qualify for a waiver?

To determine if your current plan qualifies to waive enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan, your plan must meet each of the following coverage requirements: 

  • has a lifetime maximum benefit of at least $2,000,000 (with no yearly or per condition maximum benefit that would reduce coverage);
  •  meets the requirements of the health care reform law;
  • includes participating health care providers in the Denver metro area for both emergency and non-emergency health care services;
  • includes prescription drug benefits;
    provides at least 20 outpatient visits for mental health care services and provides at least 30 days of inpatient mental health care services (including emergency psychiatric admissions);
  • coverage is in effect on the first day of classes without any waiting period or pre-existing condition exclusion and will remain in effect for the  academic year;
  • has a deductible of $7150 or less; and
  • has coverage while traveling abroad (if current plan does not have this coverage, students must purchase additional travel insurance).

If your current plan qualifies to waive enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan:

You must be registered and have an active Mines email to waive or enroll. Domestic and international students must waive/enroll online

  1. Login to Trailhead and click on the Self Service button.
  2. Click on the Student link.
  3. Click on the Registration link.
  4. Near the bottom of the list, right click on “Enroll/Waive in Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)” and choose “Open in New Tab/Window.”
  5. The page that displays is United’s Enrollment/Waiver page.  Follow the instructions on the page to complete your enrollment/waiver. (It is recommended that you use a desktop web browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox as a mobile device may not work correctly. If you encounter problems, try using Internet Explorer, as it seems to be the preferred browser.)

If you are ENROLLING:

The sooner you enroll the better! This will get your information into all systems so that your coverage will be fully active on the plan start date.
If you choose to default enroll, there may be a delay before you are fully activated in the system, which could result in a delay of claims processing and prescription coverage.

If you are WAIVING:

  1. Please be sure you fill in ALL blanks, especially the name of the employer providing coverage.  Many group plans through an employer will meet our waiver requirements, while most privately purchased plans do not.  If you do not fill in the employer, it will cause your waiver to be delayed and may be denied as it will be assumed it is a privately purchased plan. If you purchase your plan through the Colorado Health Insurance Exchange, it will meet all requirements to waive.
  2. Be honest when filling out the waiver. Falsifying information in order to get the waiver accepted is a violation of Mines’ Honor Code. If discovered, you will be automatically enrolled as an “unqualified late enrollee” which could result in monetary penalties and violating the honor code could result in academic penalties.
  3. The waiver credit will be on your account by Census Day.
  4. PRINT OUT THE CONFIRMATION PAGE AS WELL AS THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL. This is your proof of having submitted a waiver in the event of a problem.

If you encounter problems or have questions, contact the Student Health Benefits Coordinator during walk-in hours: Monday-Thursday, of 1-4 pm at the Wellness Center.

Contact Us

Kathy Ebeling
Student Health Benefit Plan Coordinator
Student Wellness Center, #207