Before you travel …

Planning a safe and healthy trip

Preparations for international travel (e.g. arranging for transportation, hotels, passports, and visas) may seem overwhelming, even to the most experienced traveler. However, being properly prepared before you leave can go a long way toward making your trip as healthy and trouble free as possible. Use the following checklists as general guidelines, and modify them according to your itinerary and specific travel and health needs.

Pre-travel health checklist

  • Allow 4–6 weeks for adequate preparation before departing on an international trip. For extended journeys (more than 3-4 weeks) or trips to tropical or developing areas, begin preparation 2-3 months in advance. You will need this time to ensure that all required and recommended vaccinations can be given in their proper sequence. Contact your physician or a travel medicine specialist for specific health education and information relevant to the area you will be visiting.
  • Make sure to arrange for appropriate health and accident insurance.
  • Existing medical condition or a history of severe drug allergy? Speak with your physician or travel medicine specialist regarding special precautions you need to take. You should also consider wearing a medical alert identification bracelet.
  • Have a thorough dental checkup before departure.
  • If you are leaving children behind, make sure to have a signed emergency treatment form on file for them with your hospital.

What to pack

  • Copies of important medical records, prescription orders, and letters from your doctor stating the need for prescription medications.
  • A supply of prescription medications sufficient to last at least for the length of your trip.  Keep medications in their original containers and pack them in a carry-on.
  • An extra pair of glasses or contact lenses (plus a copy of your lens prescription); pack enough lens cleaning solution for the entire trip.
  • An emergency medical kit containing:
    General first aid items: analgesics, antacids, a disinfectant or antibacterial agent, antihistamines, a small bottle of rubbing alcohol, thermometer, scissors, tweezers, bandages, tape, etc. (Consider TSA restrictions)
    Items that are particularly relevant to the area of travel (e.g., insect repellant, sunscreen lotion, sunburn treatment); snake bite kits and water purification tablets might also be appropriate, but make sure you know how to use them.

Travel happy and healthy. Plan ahead.

  • Travel consults available at Coulter Student Health Center 
  • Call for an appointment 303-273-3381

Copied from MERCK Vaccine Division Pamphlet.

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