First Day Program

What is the First Day Program?

The First Day Program (Inclusive Access) is administered by Barnes & Noble in partnership with Colorado School of Mines.

When a student registers for a First Day course, the cost of the required course materials are added to the student’s account. The course materials will be offered at a significantly reduced price. The student will have the option to opt-out of this course material charge.

The course materials will be available through Canvas, so students are able to get started on assignments immediately.

Timeline for Faculty Using the First Day Program

Mines’ faculty will need to submit their selected course materials to the bookstore per the below timelines:

  • Fall Semester: Faculty to submit course materials by March 1 for Fall.
  • Spring Semester: Faculty to submit course materials by September 1 for Spring.

First Day Price Availability

Fall & Spring Semester: The First Day prices are only available during the opt-out window at the beginning of each semester part of term.  The opt-out window is defined as the first day of classes to the Add/Drop Deadline listed on the chart below.

SemesterPart of TermAdd DeadlineDrop Deadline
Fall 2022Full Term 16-week session8/29/20229/7/2022
Fall 2022First 8-week session8/29/20228/29/2022
Fall 2022Second 8-week session10/26/202210/26/2022
Spring 2023Full Term 16-week session1/16/20231/25/2023
Spring 2023First 8-week session1/17/20231/17/2023
Spring 2023Second 8-week session3/20/20233/20/2023
Summer 2023Full Term 14-week session5/19/20235/19/2023
Summer 2023First 6-week session5/19/20235/19/2023
Summer 2023Second 8-week session6/30/20236/30/2023
Summer 2023Last 8-week session7/3/20237/3/2023

The above information is posted on the Academic Calendar as well as the Registrar block on the Trailhead landing page.

First Day Refund Information

Students who opt out of the First Day Program will be refunded within 30 days after 100% Add/Drop deadline.

First Day Program and Student Withdraws

When a student withdraws after the 100% Add/Drop deadline, they will not receive a credit for their course materials, this aligns with the current process for tuition and fees.

More Information

For additional questions and support, contact Barnes & Noble Customer Care: