• Please note the following:

    a. Public Speech Activity on the Colorado School of Mines campus is governed by the Campus Free Speech policy.

    b. The acceptable use of the Colorado School of Mines property and facilities is outlined in the Facilities Use Procedures.

    c. This form must be submitted a minimum of three (3) business days prior to the planned event.

    d. Submission of this form does not constitute a space reservation. Please reserve your preferred space by heading to reservations.mines.edu.
  • If you have your EMS confirmation number, you may enter it here.

    Solicitation, vending and sales, or other commercial activities, are allowable on a limited basis in the Ben Parker Student Center and some athletic facilties with appropriate approval and for a daily fee (i.e. $100 for the Ben Parker Student Center atrium lobby).

    *Mines student organizations are not subject to the daily fee.
  • If you have already completed your space reservation and it is not in the correct location (must be in the Ben Parker Student Center; South Atrium lobby), please provide us with your 5-digit reservation number.

    *If you haven't made a space reservation yet, please indicate by typing "n/a" below

  • Please share any and all other organizations that will be represented during this event.

  • Please include planned activities, materials that may be handed out, and marketing plans for the event.

  • Note: If you are fundraising for a non-mines organization, you MUST have a non-Mines representative present during the duration of the fundraiser.
    Note: Mines Dining & Flavours by Sodexo have exclusivity to food and beverage distribution in the Ben Parker Student Center & Student Recreation Center.