For Information about the Coronavirus (COVID19) please go to this website: https://www.mines.edu/emergency/coronavirus-faqs/

    PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: Students have 7 days from the day they return to school to submit this form. The form should be completed by any student that is requesting an excused absence from classes due to illness, bereavement, military service, jury duty, or other similar circumstances.

    Documentation is not required for illness of 3 days or less. If you think you have been exposed to coronavirus (COVID19) submit this form and call or email the Student Health Center, shc@mines.edu or 303-273-3381. Please do not go to the Health Center in person.

    PLEASE ALLOW 3 BUSINESS DAYS for your request to be processed. Once it has been processed, you will be notified via email on the progress of this request (i.e. approved, need more information, or denied).

    University Breaks and Holidays-Excused absences will NOT be approved if the absence falls immediately before or after university breaks or holidays (i.e. Fall Break, Thanksgiving...etc.) except in cases of illness. There are limited exceptions to this rule. Please email or call Caroline Fuller (contact info below) to see if your request qualifies to receive an exception.

    Excused absences are subject to the Student Absences policy and procedure available at http://inside.mines.edu/Student-Absences

    Questions or concerns can be addressed by calling 303-273-3350, emailing Caroline fuller at cfuller@mines.edu .
  • Excused Absence Information

  • (i.e. surgery, illness, bereavement, jury duty notice...etc)

  • (e.g. doctor's note, hospital discharge papers, etc.) **Documentation for illness of 3 days or less is not required. Effective 1/30/20 until further notice.