How do I …?

Absences, Leaves, Withdrawal and Readmission

How do I … request an excused absence from class?

How do I … withdraw or take time away from school?

How do I … pursue a medical withdrawal?

How do I … meet with Readmissions?

How do I … receive assistance about transferring away from of Mines?

Student Support

How do I … ask for personal help or share concerns about a friend?

How do I … receive assistance as a Veteran?

How do I…receive assistance if I am the victim/survivor of sexual violence, domestic/dating violence, or stalking?

Forms and Policies

How do I … view the Code of Conduct or Academic Misconduct policies?

How do I … view Student Life Forms (Conduct, Alcohol, International Student, FERPA, etc.)?

Living on Campus

How do I … contact dining and discuss my dining plan?

Events and Giveaways

How do I … reserve space for an event

How do I … serve alcohol or review the alcohol policy?

How do I … review the facility use policies?

How do I … receive an exemption for food?

How do I … protect minors during events or programs on campus?

How do I … purchase logo or trademarked apparel and supplies?


How do I … get to and from Denver International Airport?

Student Employment

How do I … get on Diggernet?

Health, Wellness and Safety

How do I … waive or enroll in the Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP)?

How do I … seek medical assistance?

How do I … request Mother’s Room Access?

How do I … ensure my safety on campus and work with Public Safety?

Course Schedules and Graduation

How do I …  view graduation requirements, order transcripts, and view class schedules?

How do I … find out more information about commencement?