Student Life Judicial Information

The Dean of Student Life is responsible for matters pertaining to the Code of Conduct, Student Honor Code, Academic Misconduct, and the Student Judicial and Appeal Process.

The rules, regulations, and policies regarding the code of conduct, as well as additional policies impacting students, can be found at the Student Policies website.

Please see below for information regarding each of these processes.  If you need further information, please feel free to contact:

Derek Morgan
Dean of Students
Campus Living Office 271

Code of Conduct

The Colorado School of Mines expects its students to obey national, state, and local laws. Enrollment at the Colorado School of Mines does not give the student immunity from or a right to special consideration with reference to civil and criminal laws. The conduct, or attempts to commit the conduct, listed below is prohibited. Aiding, abetting, or inciting others to commit conduct that is prohibited by this code is not permitted. Any student found to have committed or to have attempted to commit any of the following misconduct may be subject to disciplinary sanctions.

Academic Integrity Policy

Academic misconduct is the intentional act of fraud, in which an individual seeks to claim credit for the work and efforts of another without authorization, or uses unauthorized materials or fabricated information in any academic exercise. Student Academic Misconduct arises when a student violates the principle of academic integrity. Such behavior erodes mutual trust, distorts the fair evaluation of academic achievements, violates the ethical code of behavior upon which education and scholarship rest, and undermines the credibility of the university. Because of the serious institutional and individual ramifications, student misconduct arising from violations of academic integrity is not tolerated at Mines. If a student is found to have engaged in such misconduct sanctions such as change of a grade, loss of institutional privileges, or academic suspension or dismissal may be imposed.

Appeal Form

The appeal form should be used for all requests for appeal related to violations of the Student Code of Conduct and the Academic Misconduct Process.  However, grade appeals, residency appeals, research misconduct appeal, and appeal related to the Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, and Interpersonal Violence are handled through separate processes.  Please see the Mines Policy Website for more information on those processes.