Complete Withdrawal/Leave of Absence From Mines

Undergraduate* students looking to withdraw from all classes during a current semester, or in preparation for a future semester, must follow the steps outlined below. This process applies to students pursuing a temporary absence/leave, transferring to another institution, or permanent withdrawal.

Mines does not differentiate between a complete withdrawal and a leave of absence at the undergraduate education level. Undergraduate students who leave – temporarily or permanently – may return at a future date of their choosing (see notes on returning below). 

If you are currently enrolled and wish to withdrawal from some courses but not all courses, please contact your Academic Advisor or the Registrars Office ( for more information.

*Graduate Students: Please contact Office of Graduate Studies (303-273-3627 or For more information on withdrawal policies for graduate students, visit

Current Term Withdrawal:

  • If you are currently taking classes, and wish to withdraw from all courses, you may initiate the withdrawal process at any point in the semester until close of business on the last day of scheduled classes for the term.  Students who withdraw from all courses after the Course Withdrawal Deadline (see Academic Calendar) may be subject to provisions related to reentry (see below under Guaranteed, Immediate Reentry). 
  • Review Day is not a scheduled class day.  Check the Academic Calendar for specific dates, which are semester specific.
  • Complete withdrawals that occur after Census Day result in “W” grades on the student’s Academic Transcript. 

Hardship Withdrawals: 

  • Students may request a Hardship Withdrawal. Hardship Withdrawals may pertain to medical matters but may also more appropriately account for withdrawals associated with natural disasters, financial hardship, family priorities, or anomalous and significant personal circumstances.  Hardship Withdrawals are awarded when a) the student is unable to complete their studies despite best efforts due to documented hardship and/or b) when it is unquestionably in the student’s best interest to withdraw as a result of documented hardship.

  • Requests for Hardship Withdrawals may necessitate review of corroborating documentation and academic performance for the term.

  • Hardship Withdrawals will not be considered as part of the Maximum Withdrawal Policy (see section below). Individual courses (i.e. partial withdrawals) do not qualify for Hardship Withdrawals. 

Financial Hardship:

If you wish to request financial leniency or hardship as part of your withdrawal, please click here

Maximum Withdrawal Policy:

  • The total number of withdrawn course credits over a student’s academic career are tracked and counted at the end of each academic semester. When the following credit limits have been met, or surpassed, the associated academic standing provisions will result.
  • When a student has accumulated 20 or more withdrawn credits, the student will receive individual outreach support including possible admission to the Bounce Back program and individual academic coaching.
  • When a student has accumulated 30 or more withdrawn credits, the student will receive a first (or greater) suspension for failing to meet academic performance standards.  The student must meet with the Readmissions Committee and secure a majority vote in favor of their return.
  • When a student has accumulated 45 or more withdrawn credits, the student will receive a second (or greater) suspension for failing to meet academic performance standards. To return, the student must meet with the Readmissions Committee and secure a majority vote in favor of their return. 
  • When a student has accumulated 60 or more withdrawn credits, the student will receive a third suspension resulting in dismissal or terminal dismissal for failing to meet academic performance standards.
  • Withdrawn credits resulting from a hardship or medical withdrawal will not count towards the total number of withdrawn credits for the purposes of this policy. For further information, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students. Additionally, students are encouraged to speak with their academic advisor.

Guaranteed, Immediate Reentry:

  • Guaranteed reentry to Mines for the immediate following term after a complete withdrawal (Standard Withdrawal or Hardship Withdrawal) is only possible if a student completely withdraws by the Course Withdrawal Deadline.  Contact the Dean of Student’s Office for more information.

  • Students looking to return to Mines are required to complete the Returning Undergraduate Student Form following one or more semester(s) (Fall or Spring) of non-attendance. Please contact Undergraduate Admissions for details.

The Withdrawal Process, Step by Step

  • To Begin: To initiate the process, please complete the enclosed WITHDRAWAL REQUEST FORM.  If you have questions and wish to speak with someone prior to submitting the request form, please email Colin Terry, Assistant Vice President for Student Life, at
  • Check Email: Following submission of the Withdrawal Request Form, students are asked to check their email account over the next three business days for correspondence on the required action(s). Examples may include, but are not limited to, possible student refund or balance due, the return of library materials, and/or financial aid exit counseling.